“jaehyun Jang supervision choice remarkable” ‘the Saba Ha’ this man of talent and Chung-mu road bijou


One Chung-mu road bijou was and born this year. It is the actor this man of talent appearing on the movie ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang). Be selected as the actor that is the suffering after ‘witch’ Dami Kim heating the Chung-mu road hotly last year and also is expected this year. In ‘the black priests’, this man of talent is the new actor in which excavating Jaehyun Jang supervision selects the simpleness next refreshingly. He undertook the twin brother gold coin station of ‘that’ that is born in ‘the Saba Ha’ 16 years ago. It did to spread the acting ability which doesn’t reply the man of god and be many these surprised. This man of talent overwhelms the movie with the delicate expression and eyes and calm voice of the bass in spite of the composite character from the start. Chang director revealed in ‘the Saba Ha’ press distribution trade show opening at last 13th on the casting reason “the voice was so good”, that is the suffering, “the power understanding the god in comparison with the experience is excellent”. After that, it praised “because of understand the shoes and have much the religious knowledge and having mutual understanding, in spite of being the difficult part it was good”. This standing appeared together on the movie and Park Chungmin and ferryboat Gyu didn’t cherish the praise. This standing commented “the movie could be said to be the first time and it was surprised how the Jal Ha increased the acting in this way” “the looks expressed all ones which it will have to express the Jagik Ga well was seen and it was very surprised”. Park Chungmin told “the supervisor and ‘ this man of talent be likely to+have likely to go well and ‘ have told separately”. After that, one uncle fan increased the ferryboat Gyu through ” this movie. The first movies were congratulated and it volunteered to be the fan. In the movie ‘the adult pictorial book’, this man of talent calling the favorable comment together to the feeling reversely controlled with 14 years old girl Seoul style and acting ability excel spread the acting ability which becomes mature more through ‘the Saba Ha’. ‘the Saba Ha’ is the mystery thriller in which the Mocksa Park (this standing) following the new religious sector gets to install the suspicious character and cases with the bad luck week and which starts. It opened at last 20th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746223.htm, 2019/02/22 14:08:17]