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‘the taste of the love’ getting the hot love came to an end in just 6 months season. “it is a pity as much as the sense of betrayal gets” the viewers who cried with the. Couple and laughed is reacting. Because, it is due to be the unexpected end news. ‘the taste of the love’ starting to featuring the broadcast had about, in just 6 months, the audiences and farewell “greeting” at September last year. It promised that production crew will come back to the season 2 but as to for the season 1 cast is still nostalgic audiences. It examined what one ‘the taste of the love’ season 1 leaves together between 6 months. ◆ the necessity couple Even if it met like the ipil people ♥ cardinal number kite and destiny, it can be said to be ‘the taste of the love’ = ipil people ♥ cardinal number kite now, the exaggeration is not. There was due to be no case connected by the actual marriage through the variety program so far. The ipil people giving off the fragrance of ‘the bluff south’ from the program previously thickly failed in the blind date once. The cardinal number kite faced after second opinion was seen and He was in a state of lull at a glance. The like mind appeared. Then the mistakes done in the previous blind date were not repeated. The ipil wool became ‘the romantic guy’ in ‘the bluff south’ in no time. Go up the relation of 2 people about in 2 6 months ago. It shoots in the restaurant which the brother opening the cardinal number manages and the ipil people take a picture of MBC drama ‘happiness from family’ has met with the cardinal number kite at that time. After ‘the taste of the love’ got to meet and it became to do the meeting like ‘necessity’. The ipil people captivated the active phrase narrow path and mind of the cardinal number kite without a break and 2 people was married in just 5 months to meet at last ninth. As to 2 people, ㅇ got married in the Yongsan gu Grand Hyatt Seoul at last ninth afternoon. ◆ in the true love ‘the taste of the love’ of the appeasement couple · the cross mouth couple · the Jongmina couple, the couples who there is a lot of the couple opening the ipil people · cardinal number were loved variously. 3 couples including the Kim Jung-Hoon · Kim China couple, Junyeop Koo · Geehye Oh couple, Chongmin Kim · yellow rice or couple, and etc. showed the respectively different charisma and each other truthful appearance was hinted. Because of being the sincerity the steps, it is that especially these could be loved. The true appearance different from MBC ‘we got married’ JTBC ‘2 box Jjeum’ etc. led the viewers with TV in the future. The appeasement couple (the Kim Jung-Hoon · Kim China) displays figure risen most recently and causes more the sense of frustration. Whenever 2 people met, it did ‘the alcohol date’ and displayed the appearance which it considers the Alkongdal bean. The looks in which could not consider as the consideration to the countering woman Kim Jung-Hoon opened Kim Jung-Hoon mind to the Kim China and which is more and more changed was seen and especially the audiences were produced to be filled with pride. The aspects of the cross mouth couple (junyeop Koo Geehye Oh) ‘the adult love’ was shown. It considered. It thought and kept with the calm atmosphere of 2. It said be like that and there was not no fun. If Geehye Oh of the easy-going charisma was seen, the audience was captivated with the charming looks. Junyeop Koo showed ‘the formula of the manner man’ and the looks, that is the right thing, was displayed. The Jongmina couple (only the Chongmin Kim · yellow rice) is the couple gathering the topic which is the biggest with the program opening part. All Kkeureot the interest positively it approaches Chongmin Kim TV shipbuilding weather caster yellow rice of is gone out The appearance which Chongmin Kim worries among these about the various reasons was displayed and there was the crisis but 2 people decided to after all, meet. There was the separation rumor once. However, it appeared in ‘the taste of the love’ last episode and the separation rumor was calmed. ◆ the audience rating ↑ ‘the taste of the love’ and TV shipbuilding dutiful son program ‘the taste of the love’ acceded TV shipbuilding dutiful son program. It became the program which occupied the first place of ground wave implication in the same time audience rating and Portal site real time searching Eo and which the audience rating · topic of conversation catches all. ‘the taste of the love’ started in 1.4% through was broken till 6%. In TV shipbuilding, it is the variety program which exceptionally the audience rating is high after ‘the taste of the wife’. So far, in TV shipbuilding, as there was no variety program to be finished Geureot, the birth of the variety program where there is the color was informed before due to this in fact. As to fact, ‘the taste of the love’ and ‘the taste of the wife’, same PD is making. One do the dutiful son program job of TV shipbuilding with the sub-brand severely When guessing this point, ‘the taste of the love’ repeats the season Je and it expects carefully if It doesn’t become the long-term program.
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