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The ability was the basic. ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ Mentor corps having the Seuwegeu and extraordinary aspect without exception expressed the deep affection toward the participant and cheer, the day was 22 the Seoul Mapo at 11 a.m. and the cable channel Mnet new variety program ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ production presentation opened in the Sang Am mountain path CJ E&M center. In this day production presentation, the Ri back which MC shamelessness and Mentor corps will propose the quiet-code Kkunseutteu, dishcloth-steps nose and ears, groovy room regulation-Hwi civilians, and Ri Boy-keyed more attended including Yongbum Kim operation division manager, Kim Taeeun CP, and Geehyun Jeon PD. It is Mentor corps blowing out the explosive charisma to the music in the stage, the studio. But the eyes was captivated with the original pure fascination and nap which cannot predict the future in this day production presentation unique. Firstly, mentor corps captivated the whole assembly with the fashion and eyes standing out. But the atmosphere was changed in striking a pose. The Ri and chord Kkunseutteu to be pushed the keyed revealed the cheerful aspect which covered the face of by oneself with the panel in which the name is the occasion and looks. The quiet overlapped the panel with the chord Kkunseutteu more and it played a trick. When the press conference started, then it is joyful of Mentor corps it shined every one more. Even when the quiet installed more the time exhibiting the peculiar sense of humor, the witty speech was continued. As to quiet, the work which finds “while the capable wrappers joined much and we saw, it was happy” the new musician before and in which it works is happier. There were likely to be much the friends where there is us and relation even if it ended and the participants were criticized favorably. Although, the cable was determinedly drawn “it cannot tell whether there is the member who would like to bring”, the smile was inspired. The quiet will be well more and Moreu if it will win the question about the victory commitment. It will go condescendingly and said and the whole assembly was burst out laughing. These microes which is the steps the nap done ary brass bowl which the Ri Boy and keyed are pushed was caused. Because there was the cloudy habit and especially the nickname called ‘0 languages’ the end which Ri is seen was gotten in the fans. 2 people did the deep effort if he had to have any kind of answer whenever he earned the microphone. It put out the finally short reply. The rock-paper-scissors was quickly played and the question answerer was determined. All Kkeureot the attention the mentor corps and production crew expresses the affection toward the participant and mind taking care of them truly among this harmonious atmosphere As to dishcloth, the weather is the line atmosphere because of being “‘ Syo beauty dumber. The idea called ‘the fiasco is Haebwa’ gets to be much thought toward the participant. The mind doing ‘it will be good if it didn’t make a blunder’ ‘do well to the utmost’ toward the participant arises from one “while a joke is asked” ‘the high grade wrapper’ in which that one was not and which all production crews I tried this way. The love was expressed as the feel ” in which the man is nice. The sedate looks in which Mentor corps treats the participants at could be stolen a glance. As to the groovy room Hwi civilians, ” we is the friends where there is the story good. It is the friend end loosening the talk with the music together. The friends that would like to make the album together after broadcasting were restored and there was. Those friends were being observed carefully and it told. There is no PERNUM:3S of the second in ” this season, saying that this day production presentation is finished and the Kim Taeeun CP is “in the case of the survivor program, the viewers remember the whole season champion much”. Capable participant is not that there is no participant. There is much another the has the impact as much as He characteristic participant at the teenager. The personality of the participants and ability and self-conceit for the program at were hinted the goal ” to make another first OOO. It is ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ which the word of mouth appears already that participants at person of real ability appear a lot. Mentor corps forms the participants and any kind of breathing, whether it attracts attention if any influential person of wrappers is the world surprised in this season. The first in South Korea high school rap competition 3 number the season ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ is broadcasted this day at 11 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746234.htm, 2019/02/22 14:02:32]