The comeback ‘the Geit beauty’ D-DAY can ask the beauty in 2019.


The first in South Korea and longest life beauty program ‘the Geit beauty’ comes back to ‘the Geit beauty 2019’. The cable channel On Style new variety program ‘the Geit beauty 2019’ is broadcasted p.m. 8 on 22nd 50 minute. Beauty is easy if there is the Geit Beauty 2019 ‘***’ common sense. Put up the slogan. The information which is good in the age of the beauty information overload will be delivered and the viewers will approach easily to the beauty. The Geit beauty ‘ is the first domestic first the beauty profession program which repeats and is keeping the season with the life after being broadcasted in 2006. It is very long 13 year. The high quality information, good product, Beauty know-how, and etc. was introduced from the trivial information required for Beauty so far and it had been receiving the hot love of the viewer. In the program, the product located at the higher rank through the blind test acceded the popularity item immediately. The good information which are mentioned in the program followed the word of mouth immediately. Until this season 12 and name were done and it was hit by ‘the Geit beauty 2019’, MC were splendid. MC managed with these which it can be called as ‘the beauty icon’ or ‘the trend icon’ and improved the concern degree of the reliability for the program and viewers. It was the Kong Hyunchoo Bakdul good Eugene induction better and Jaekyong Kim steam Ji civilians this west wind possession Kim Chungmin LUNA sandara Park 2se the soul Narae Park Jang Yun week etc., and etc. had together. Especially Eugene had about in 3 and a half year together since back in 2010 by the end of 2013. And this west wind had about year 3 together in 2018 second since 2015. The Geit beauty 2,019′ MC is the model Jang Yun week and group red velvet member team which gets to keep time with him newly after the last season. The expectancy leans to the breathing of 2 people. All Bahyeot “the fashion Beauty program disappears much. The authenticity and fun would like to be more well delivered as ‘ Geit Beauty ‘ phosphorus hold the old history” before Jang Yun state the broadcasting the aspiration It was and extremely difficult and the joy and other program was shared and I was well liked the Ttara state. The mind in which our ‘chemistry’ gotten together once again was likely to explode bang and which is excited was expressed. In this ‘the Geit beauty 2019’, the fun and information seems to be delivered with the corner of ‘LARA review’ etc. providing the real-time Beauty news by ‘the view label (Beauty-Life Balance)’ progressing the recommendation item with the subject, reviews the Beauty new product which it is most hot frankly ‘it is the differential’, and Instagram live. Really, in this season, the interest rises if the audience is met by profitable any kind of beauty information.
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