The first shot ‘traveler’s and ‘do well alone’ of the Ryujun heat


The independence of the actor Ryujun heat and ability to cope with crisis stood out. The process where the actor Ryujun heat went to Cuba Havana from the first broadcasted JTBC variety program ‘traveler’ at last 21st and it travels alone was drawn. Firstly, the Ryujun heat left for Cuba putting the now Korean translation of Chinese character which has to carry out the end-of-year awards MC constant. The Ryujun ten exhibited the background knowledge welling up from the experience going for many years overseas travel from the start. Many uterine tubes were solved skillfully such as reserving the taxi and lodging in the airport from the money exchange as the fluent foreign language, etc. The Ryujun heat where it held up the next morning and guidebook and camera and comes out of the lodging blindly enjoyed the exotic scene of Cuba fully and it immersed into the taking a photograph. The Ryujun heat explained “if the memory is not good and the travel is taken, forget all” “but, if the photo was watched, it remembered again and began to take a picture”. It communicated with the locals and the charm of the trip was enjoyed. The Ryujun row where it meets the men who walked Mallekkon and install the bus king (street performance) enjoyed the music fully. After that, when demanding the tip, then the men who were the bus king were confused. However, the mounting which within tip bargains was exhibited and it could break away from the crisis. Besides, ㅇ harmonized Cuba child and football with the natives in the unexpected single cunningly in order to hold such as being proud of the soccer player Heungmin Sohn and friendship with the singer protection to the Jeul passing passerby, etc. Even if Wi-fi didn’t can be used and the quarters had to be found, even when lining up for 2 hours in order to sell on-foot research directly and reserve the quarters in 3 hours or buy the Wi-Fi card, the smile was continuously worn at the face and the appearance which is comfortable than someone was shown. The traveler ‘ goes for the backpacking and experiences the various experiences in the local and it is the felt feeling the trip and served program combining the documentary on the camera sincerely.
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