‘the fun sister comes back’ Chinyeong Hong and regular album of the year 10


The singer Chinyeong Hong revealed the new musical composition ‘in the tonight’ teaser image and fever of reactionism was notified in advance. The agency music K entertainment published the first regular album title song ‘in the tonight’ teaser image of Chinyeong Hong in the formal SNS on 22nd and opened the sound source on the eighth of next month. Since announcing the debut song ‘the battery of the love’ of Chinyeong Hong, the album this time has the unlike other people meaning as the first regular albums of the year 10. As to revealed teaser, the pink background and mirror ball which is reminiscent of the splendid party mood captivates the attention. The phrases notifying approaching at 6 p.m. on March 8th sound source announcement in advance holds the expectation in reverence. The regular album ‘Lots of Love’ (the Racheu Obeu rub) grafted the disco concept onto the teuroteu. ‘in the tonight’ (Love Tonight), that is the title tune, is the retro Ppung teuroteu tune which is born as the new harmonization of the disco punky genre and teuroteu in 80’s. New ‘the nation teuroteu’ of people of all ages and both sexes someone or Chinyeong Hong whom it can call easily is expected to become one disco pop sound based on the since base in addition to the trot. The curiosity of the fans who it introduced the teaser in the comeback spoiler after informing the comeback before and wait for the new musical composition ‘in the tonight’ was amplified. It is looking forward with the schedule that Chinyeong Hong who covers the various area including the music, article talents, advertisement, and etc. and is getting the love of the whole nation shows the musical attempt and self-composed music, and etc. as various as the first regular album phosphorus. Meantime, come March 8 days (gold) the new musical composition ‘in the tonight’ of Chinyeong Hong spur the album last preparation is opened through every kind sound source site at 6 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746212.htm, 2019/02/22 10:12:50]