‘the grace of Empress’ which there was a lot of talk and there was a lot of the trouble was gotten off at last just now.


SBS TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the grace of Empress’ (the script steam Sun precious stone and direction Dongmin Choo) recorded the first place of in the same time and ‘own way’ successful conclusion was gained. ‘the grace of Empress’ 51 time 52 time broadcasted according to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea on 22nd at last 21st recorded 14.1% and 16.5%. This took care of the first place of in the same time at 13.8% which the yesterday broadcast installment records and figure risen more than 11.7% and prevented ㄴ was young. In this day broadcasting, after ‘the crime self-destruction’ of absolute ‘axis of evil’ Empress Dowager (the god’s blessing Jjeum) of the Imperial Household and Seoganghui (solee Yoon) was induced and the Sseoni Oh (nara Jang) sent these to the prison, the world dragged all crimes of Imperial Household outward and the perfect plurality was accomplished. Sseoni Oh who the new owner of Imperial Household becomes according to the meaning of the dying Leehyeok (the divinity rock) Emperor entrusted the maintenance or abolition of Imperial Household going bad from the root to Imperial Household Board of Audit and Inspection. Simultaneously, it declared that it will use for the men who are the inheritance which Empress Dowager Ttae reserves damaged in Imperial Household. Sseoni Oh who changes into the short hair style after the time was past raised the Ahr Ri (arin Oh) pollack daughter into its own daughter. And the common family and similar everyday was spent during. Finally, the finish of the Republic of Korea last Imperial Household was decorated beautifully with the appearance which came to the royal palace changed into Imperial Household museum and smiles freely. Blue House national petition bulletin board and ‘the grace of Empress’ in which the viewer’s bulletin board is swamped with the writing on the port from got to be broken away till the day before broadcasting from this controversy now. So far, ‘the grace of Empress’ rose on the cutting board with the setting up which doesn’t make sense and development without the persuasive power, characters setup, excessive and etc. every time. However, the producer recommending Soonoak Kim writer and leadership didn’t react to this what kind of blame. ‘the color of the blind end in a mine gallery’ of I was made to be denser. As to ‘the grace of Empress’, the exaggeration is not although the actors were thanks to this for the first place of in the same time. The actors expressed the feeling changed to the strong acting ability at the feeling changed to the second unit constantly. The best performance even while injured was spread and especially, the divinity rock and Choi Chinhyeok performed enthusiastically. Nara Jang succeeded properly in the change in acting style with the current work. All Ppyeolchyeot ‘darkening’ smoke He undertaking mainly the so far lively role assures the revenge upon from the pole middle part Even, it was warm. The looks which even the charisma overflows was shown and the strong acting ability was proved. In ‘the grace of Empress’, the actor whose the amplitude of the feeling is the biggest may be not divinity rock. All Ppyeolchyeot the smoke which comes and goes the various feeling including the fury, comic, melodrama, villain, action, and etc. and each time immersion is high In ‘the grace of Empress’, it suffers most to learn, the exaggeration is not. The Choi Chinhyeok used the Jeolla-do accent in the current work and the different looks was shown. When being with the Sseoni Oh (the Nara Jang), when being Min existence and being with (it is resentful if the teeth cuts out), endlessly affectionate figure was awfully changed suddenly than this someone. The Leehyeok (the divinity rock) and ‘chemie’ were good between Oh and especially the love of the audiences the Beu romance and revengeful thought was received against. Only, if there was to be regretful, it was unable to be together in the drama to the end. Meantime, ‘big issue’ of the earth report people starring that one example is worm-eaten is broadcasted to ‘the grace of Empress’ subsequent.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746206.htm, 2019/02/22 09:42:39]