The Hanbyeol Park · Nam Sang Mi · Koo Hyeson…’Auspices good looker ★ the now?


The word which it can don’t know ‘recently, the children’, however, it reduces ‘the phosphorus is cheap’ (Insider which is most a success in on-line about 10 years and calls Many men and these getting along without exception were mainly called, resolutely it was ‘good looker’. This days which there was no YouTube or every kind of SNS (the social network service) and stars that begin only to come into the spotlight as one ‘the pretty appearance’ and make debut It examined in the actors that are being recognized as the ability which is prominent more than the appearance in the full-time job now. ◆ After coming into the spotlight as the Hadu Ri cam photo, it debutted as the magazine model in 2002 and Hanbyeol Park and ‘love when being sad’ actor Hanbyeol Park went into the entertainment world activity. Hanbyeol Park MBC ‘the couple of the circularity’ SBS ‘the blue fish’ SBS’5 it makes debut It appeared on the daughter one ‘with the etc. majority drama’ ‘Horror Story in a Girls’ High School’ 3′ ‘ yoga academy ‘ Bunshinsaba 2’ MI ready ‘SBS’ instigates well etc. many movie which and the steady performance activity had been being engaged. After delivering Hanbyeol Park who conveys the marriage and pregnancy news simultaneously and who It becomes the mother of one child, come back to the first return drama MBC ‘love when being sad’ last year. The strong emotion melodrama of man and woman who as to ‘love when being sad’, the love is common but who the real love visits the love settled down by the hard ageHanbyeol Park is resentful of the reality board Cinderella Yoon bad luck LILO which the lady of the house of the rich family becomes in the art student expected much among the pole. Broadcast the drama on the coming 23rd for the first time. ◆ At the time when Nam Sang Mi and ‘it is the actor today again’ actor Nam Sang Mi works as the former Han Yang University future fast food store part-timer debut, it come into the spotlight as the pretty appearance. Since recommending the picture of a man taking the passenger of a sung for 1 ‘lotteria girl’, the formality made debut as MBC drama ‘love letter’ in 2003. After Nam Sang Mi appeared on SBS ‘the single is not’ MBC ‘the spy feeling sweet’ MBC ‘the time of the dog and wolf’ SBS ‘if it is likely to speak in her’ etc. drama and ‘the spy she is done not know’ ‘undercover duty’ ‘the distrust hell’ ‘slow video’ etc. majority movie and gained recognition for the acting ability. It appears on MBN variety program ‘it is the actor today again’ recently and the new appeal which it doesn’t show is opened in the Braun tube and screen. Five- it is the actor today againPearThe program of the concept in which 5 it doesn’t know the culture recently actor corps the mistake ‘ challenges to the latest culture of the young generation Nam Sang Mi is playing an active part in ‘it is the actor today again’ as the generation sympathy messenger along with the actor Yunggeon Kim, Park jung-soo, Misuk Lee, and Youngjoo Jung. ◆ After it played an active part as the internet ‘good looker star’ at the early 2000’s and Koo Hyeson and ‘the white water diary of Koo Hyeson’ actor Koo Hyeson got attention, one computer company CF was taken in 2002 and it debutted into the entertainment world. Koo Hyeson who is famous for the versatile star appeared on SBS ‘dongyo Suh’ KBS2 ‘the man than the flower’ KBS2 ‘blod’ etc. many dramas after MBC sitcom ‘the nonstop 5’ and was active, in addition ‘it you’ ‘it was happy’ ‘and, the spring’ ‘the winter diary’ etc. majority album was released and the musical talent was shown. It challenged YouTube image production recently and ‘the white water diary of Koo Hyeson’ was opened to YouTube channel level BTB (CHIBi TV). The documentary in which Koo Hyeson makes and which this donates ‘the celebrity is the freelancer’ as the visual angle ‘out of work’ of Koo Hyeson who is the activity interregnum into can be peeped.
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