The Hanbyeol Park ” husband and triumph and business partner Do not know the detailed inside story.


The news that the actor Hanbyeol Park husband was the triumph of the group big bang and business partner relationship came out. The Hanbyeol Park revealed “when the detailed inside story is done not know” in this regard. The agency fly work entertainment of Hanbyeol Park admitted on 22nd, “it is right that husband of Hanbyeol Park is the triumph Ssi and business partner”. After that, it told “however, because the husband is the people, there is no number to be known until the detailed inside facts” “when there is no words to be given separately in connection with this case”. In the afternoon on 22nd, the sports Chosun reported “the company that the glass holding, that is the holding company standing, is worm-eaten managed the framing business of the triumph, lounge bar, investment company, and etc”. It was the joint representative of the Yuriholdingseu and while the wi abdicates from the position, presently, as to wi, as to of Mr.Yoo is taking the single representative according to the news with Mr.Yoo some time ago. This medium told to be “one which it gets the company name that the glass holding is worm-eaten ‘ Ri ‘ of the one’s real name two wins string of ‘ Yoo ‘ of the Mr.Yoo and triumph and the glass makes”. Because the suspicion called the head office of the club burning sun in which Yuriholdingseu is getting the suspicion including violence · narcotic, and etc. recently against is hit, it is that husband of Hanbyeol Park gets the attention. The detail making the burning sun entertainment head office advertisement of job vacancies which the glass holding is previously worm-eaten is caught. The burning sun is the state where it takes the investigation as the various problem including the police and adhesion relationship · narcotic · sexual violence · the ban on entry by minor problem, and etc. and there is. The suspicion of corruption of the police and club is raised and the meter which the burning sun gets to be under widespread criticism is saying that it was assaulted by the police that it started in order to help the women who a Kim Ssi visiting this club at November last year is sexually molested in the club and is mobilized with the security guard. In after this club, continuously the suspicion that the users medicated the narcotic and it raped the woman was proposed. The state where it summons the club authorized person cutting the burning and the police secures the statement according to the channel A what the role of the victory was. Presently, it was known as the stage where it is examining the summons investigation. It is the entrance that it will check the narcotic dosage or no if it will be and needed. Presently, the burning sun is seized and is searched and accounting data are confiscated and the dissection with is proceeded. Meantime, hanbyeol Park appears on MBC new saturday drama ‘love when being sad’ broadcasted on the coming 23rd for the first time. One coming back to TV to the current work in 3 years Because it gets married and He finds the stability from the production presentation at last 21st, rather than being ” single it can concentrate. The individual environment was good. It could concentrate on this work and told.
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