‘the Saba Ha’ it met liked one


The time was really quickly filled. It didn’t come to the year 1 as yet and the actor Park Chungmin meeting by the movie ‘byeonsan’ was again met at June last year. In this way, the circumstantial evidence that there will be no chance which He will rest so much, it does the work activity can come to meet. It felt as ‘the dry person’ after meeting Park Chungmin at that time. It got angry in the work like that and shouted. And then whatever He meeting actually spoke, it was not agitated. It was modest and lowered endlessly. The remark was with bangs about half made from the wakeful eyes. However, the sincerity one’s idea was without adjustment delivered within this. These appearances were the color of Park Chungmin. He meeting after movie ‘the Saba Ha’ after long interval was unchanged. It was the bright tendency which it doesn’t know the something if there was to be changed. It was the Jongno in Seoul on 18th and the Ppalpandong one cafe met Park Chungmin appearing on the movie ‘the Saba Ha’. He seemed to be quite satisfied with the current movie. It told “‘ Saba Ha ‘ was put and the fan was” “‘ I seemed to take so now, it was so good and talked frequently to the extention part friends”. Park Chungmin has been see so far remembers that satisfaction for the work was lowerer than the other actors. It was always cautious about me. It was unable to be easily satisfied. However, it was felt freshly to feel differently from the current work. Originally, the mystery story? The mystery? The same genre wanted to be done. It is the feel in which it takes the movie in which it went wildly excited. There this film is particularly no that actors play a role to be really amazing. It can keep up with the picture which the supervisor draws. It is to become than the actor presents the idea which is not good in vain and it lowers the tension if it goes well according to the supervisor. So, it is uncomfortable when acting. When enduring this inconvenience and acting, if the screen is watched, it is better. At that time, it felt. ‘the movie is this taste’ is done. Park Chungmin said like to watch the movie of the childhood movie ‘seven’ ‘beanchi Da code’ ‘Chooeol Yoo Seuppektteu Suh’ ‘Memento’ etc. ‘can this movie be made?’ the player of is dreamed Imagine He met ‘the Saba Ha’ at last. It was that it enters the day for ‘ Saba Ha ‘ shooting after ” movie ‘ Byeonsan ‘ shooting ended. It was so arduous and was long in the home at the time. It is to enter ‘the Saba Ha’ as this condition. The day and supervisor when it puts about 3 times round took a picture and it rolled and I was called. It speaks as ‘because of giving the degree of a week hour, come back from the unconditionally warm country’. The supervisor doesn’t have good I state for the small bowl. The Mabwajyo the same rest which flies away to Vietnam directly and it studies the character studying, which it borrows Because it could realign and enter, it was quite fortunate. Think really gratefully. Park Chungmin said don’t have previously particularly to act in ‘the Saba Ha’. However, the repairman Buddha’s disciples role which He ins charge of is the part which is not easy. It was moderate sometimes. The feeling was blown violently sometimes. Additionally, the counsel (the word showing the enlightenment of the Sakyamuni or lecture hall) had to be memorized. It was the hard work which has to drive me into the utmost limit. It had to drive into ” utmost limit but was not like that difficult except one memorizing the counsel. It was almost to be happy to go to the set. Only for the counsel, it took 3~4 months and was really much difficult. And then, it saw, I had to do every the work. The good hobby activity including the piano, rap, card, and etc. appeared but it shelled and ate all. Ha-ha. All Chyeot the piano in ‘my world’ the rap, in Park Chungmin the previous work ‘byeonsan’ And change from the next product ‘the dishonest gambler 3’ into the dishonest gambler. He laughed, saying that He was “the actor reaching an agreement with the capitalism” when asking “it is to be reborn as the artist settling down with the movie”. Park Chungmin did the woodworking with the individual hobby recently. He is making the large-scale home for 2 Jindo dog which I am raising. Park Chungmin revealed the stress relaxation mystique of “the worldly thoughts doesn’t seem to get like the time to do the woodworking and the time seems to be well thin” I. When the last ‘byeonsan’ interview meeting, He remembered the word done “if in order to get rid of stress, the book is read or the movie is watched, it is not the then only”. This horse at was laughed to Park Chungmin again, the honey “it is unchanged in this thought”. It was good and the feeling that it is ” hapiness dies down due to that place where it feels instantaneously. It will be divided into the happy time and the time not to be happy. If it sees like that, it seems to feel quite to recently, be happy. Even when going to the scene and being with the men, it is good. It is good even when being just in the home. Sometimes, ‘are you good?’ It wants. It was unable to find in fact to be happy to be trivial previously. It is it this this. But it is feeling these days to be happy. It is happy. Park Chungmin can meet with the audience every the work in the other face. The character and high synchronous rate of is everytime made a boast and the degree of concentration of the work is improved. He doesn’t intend but because the other character can be done, He is good. But the reply which is humble to be one ” in which there was no image which I make and which shows more like that was put out. Park Chungmin debutting as the movie ‘watchman’ was developed into the actor that cannot drop out of the commercial movie through the independent movie, low budget movie, and etc. now in 2011. It becomes to find him before in many places now. The debut, in 9, the round It paid to him “they act and what is happy”. If it was same many years ago, the life of many men could be lived, it was the answer. However it seems to be not now. Ha-ha. It was the student doing the whole movie the Jot child really. It was the man. The movie was liked and the department of cinema to was gone but it realized early that there is no supervised skill and it converted to the acting. It is equal to the work which it does most well in my life. They act and good one is one that It can become a I make the movie person. Especially it is exciting to become to undertake the important task among the man making the movie these days. The process which is trying to make the good film to become this member and one is interesting it is happy.
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