The stars were in a state of lull. … The makeup brand ‘lee Ji-ham’ new product launching


For the various stars including the singer, actor, model, announcer, and etc., the makeup brand Lee Ji-ham who are being the steps launched the new product Dakteoseu formula (Doctor’s Fomula) line. The Chamseokhaeda including the model this pioneer, singer royal favor · Chunja actor this legislature · Choi Eunju, and announcer Geehye Lim · the seohyeon battle formation · poor liquor freezes in the proceeding event in the Seoul Banpo Deo river in the afternoon on 21st · Gimgihyeok · Kihyun Kim, which and etc. The broadcaster veteran building this fibrous root gave of the new product launching message through the image. The veteran building “lee Ji-ham prays to K Beauty in which it hits globally against the interest and which is in Korean leading brand to be again born” told. The Dakteoseu formula (Doctor’s Fomula) super relief (Relief) which this day is introduced has the signature line of Lee Ji-ham. The patent ingredient that it is the Kkeurin saver (Clean Saver) patent ingredient and multi ex balsam is contained and the effect that it is differentiated of Lee Ji-ham is in the alleviating skin irritation and skin suppression. The president boiling the Eichiel rain measles virus proceeding with the overseas circulation of Lee Ji-ham down told that he was “one that as to Lee Ji-ham, where there is the story of brand as to the vanguard of K Beauty comes”.
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