The story which ‘alhambeura’ this hour circle and Spain use the police report


The image was introduced with the pickpocket episode which the actor this hour circle appeared on the TvN drama ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ undergoes in Spain at that time. This hour circle created ” earth in its own Instagram little more beautifully on 22nd. Barcelona’s hero The image putting on Barcelona field was published with the text called the pickpocket arrest “. This hour circle has the appearance which under cover police previous is using the written evidence in the revealed image. He is forming the bright smile as if it is proud. This hour circle confessed the episode which appeared on 21st TvN variety program ‘the life bar’, that is the day before, and got 2 pickpockets in Spain. As to He, ” I caught 2 pickpockets. The staff and liquor was being drunk in the idle time and in “***” table it could be said to be sweet, my cell phone was trying to be taken and there was the lurking police, the person like the beggar said the food in addition. After that, it told this hour circle “it asked for help and all kinds of sounds were inserted, the concealing police came out and it helped” “this day police report was used”. This hour circle introduced the image to its own SNS at that time when this episode attracted. As to netizen, “it is not one which it catches directly. However, it seems to be ‘ Kkul tip ‘ to request the help” is reacting. Meantime, this hour circle undertook the one’s former wife Lee Su-jin role of the Chinwoo (hyun Bin) in the TvN drama ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ and it appeared.
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