The yellow rice or · Chongmin Kim and end of the selfish love


“it will be good if the hurt didn’t become to Mina.”In ‘the taste of the love’, chongmin Kim who came out of the yellow rice and accomplished the couple is one unit of measure in the last broadcast. The cheer and hot yellow rice yellow rice getting support of was come out for the broadcast as ‘chongmi or couple’ up to the viewer and it was Kim kind Min. However, the finish was a pity. The love which ‘understanding’ in which ‘consideration’ is not hopes Possibly, it was the result as a matter of course, the last talk of the yellow rice which Kim bell proposes was drawn in TV shipbuilding ‘the taste of the love’ broadcasted with 21 with the day afternoon. This day Kim kind Min confessed to come out of the yellow rice and not get into communication. It shared with ” Mina and He was so good. However, it became since it didn’t get in touch, “***” wished to understand me and it opened heart. It is Kim bell Min that was the faced and active interest which it carries the yellow rice from the first broadcastings the steps. However, in conclusion, it is 2 people of which the silent continued. There was the occasion bringing up the story “it seems to keep distance so that the brother can build” difficultly for Chongmin Kim whom it gets previously through the yellow rice. However, in conclusion, it is Kim bell Min that kept silent and the damage visited the frank story. After all, the love in which hurt one is afraid and love which wishes to understand me is the catastrophe. The attitude which is lukwarm and selfish of Kim kind Min that didn’t throw me a little more is sad. The period that it is 100 days was set and it proceeded and the taste ‘ season 1 of the love was ended on 21st. As to the season 2, all couples except Choowon Ko Bomi Kim couple gets off.
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