This and high Eunchoo Lee leaving so early It misses still.


The year 14 flowed already whether the actor high (late) Eunchoo Lee passes away or not. He ending the life which is short in 25 years olds of one’s age at death remains still in our one’s mind as the beautiful memory. ‘it feels sorry for the mom’ left the will in which the content is contained at February 22nd in 2005 and Eunchoo Lee passed away. He was known at that time to suffer from the depression. Eunchoo Lee debutting into the entertainment world through one school uniform model advance party started the acting life with the highteen drama ‘start’ in 1996 in 1997 on a full scale. It went into the screen with ‘trout’ of Chongwon Park supervision in 1999 and the film activity was actively spread. After movie ‘5 The revision ‘ (2000) ‘do’ (2001), ‘love story’ (2002), ‘the Hayan room’ (2002), ‘the Korean flag is flapped. And’ (2003), and ‘ hello It appeared in the U.F.O. ‘ scarlet letter ‘(2,004) etc. and settled down as the Chung-mu road representative actress. Especially it was loved through the drama ‘KAIST’ ‘phoenix’ back. All Eodeot the popularity which exceeds the audience rating 30% at that time and ‘phoenix’ is popular It departed from the age in which Eunchoo Lee who disregarded the genre and appeared in the various works and made the public heart cry smokes the real flower from the world. The works which He appeared on the now which the year 14 is already past remain in still many these one’s minds. The body of Eunchoo Lee is laid in Kyonggi-do Ilsan pureness park. This place is found with the fan cafe members every year and person concerned in NamooActors who is his lifetime agency takes the cherish one’s memory time. The special exhibit was held on the occasion of 10 anniversaries of the dead in 2015.
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