Within Deni and first villain electric conduction in ‘big issue’ The production crew “it is short but is strong”


The singer and actor Deni inside returns to TV in 3 years. SBS new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘big issue’ (the script Janghyeongnin and direction movement Korean translation of Chinese character) revealed on 22nd, “within Deni challenges the first villains”. In ‘big issue’, within Deni undertook one stone pillar (chinmao Choo) and villain river-god cattle disease putting a pressure of the index number string (the person that one example is worm-eaten). It was the past idol singer of origin but the river-god mistake is the move which manages the artist in the agency after being liquidated from the world of singers by the index number prefecture among the pole. It is the person who is full of the revengeful thought for the index number string. The production crew revealed the filming spot photo in Deni among these. The appearance in which within Deni plots the camera technician and forming a gang was included in the photo. The forming a gang simulate scene in Deni was photographed in Kyonggi-do Pajoo City one the publishing company office on the 19th of last month. Within Deni stepped forward for this day ‘big issue’ first shooting was unable to hide the look which entered the drama filming location found after long interval and is excited according to the production crew. In spite of being the first shootings, He is the rumor that it expressed the river-god cattle disease with the stable acting and hit against the hand clapping of the staffs. ‘big issue’ producer got to see the other looks in the actor Deni who was unable to see through ” this shooting so far, saying that he was “the appearance on the stage with one episode heart hero and prospect which is short but infuses the tension of the pole with the strong appearance” this. The change in acting style different of Deni who gets to challenge the villain asked to be watched for the first time and it told. The grace ‘it is broadcasted to the subsequent’ big issue ‘ of the Empress is tortured in the hope. The next increases Paparazzi war period disclosing the truth which is uncomfortable in the world mortgaged to the devil. Donghun Lee supervision producing ‘the gift-14 day of the god’ etc. and Hyeokrin Jang writer writing ‘yong arm’ etc. was mutual understanding. Come 10 p.m. on March 6th is broadcasted for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746242.htm, 2019/02/22 14:10:09]