Hanbyeol Park husband = triumph business partner…”Ani it doesn’t know all.


On report “when there is no number to be known until the detailed inside facts” that the actor Hanbyeol Park agency, as to Hanbyeol Park husband Yoo Mao and group big bang member triumph was the business partner relationship the position was revealed. The dubious reaction of the netizen is connected to this. Only the Hanbyeol Park agency fly work entertainment cherished “because when the husband is the people, there is no number to be known until the detailed inside facts” the end “it is right that Hanbyeol Park husband is the triumph and business partner” on 22nd. This day sports Chosun reported “the company that the glass holding, that is the holding company standing, is worm-eaten managed the framing business of the triumph, lounge bar, investment company, and etc”. It was the joint representative of the Yuriholdingseu and the wi abdicated the wi according to Yoo in the position. Presently, Yoo is the single representative. Because the reason why this fact gathers the interest of the world has the suspicion cuts the club burning in which Yuriholdingseu gets the suspicion including the narcotic, violence, police coalescing, and etc. recently called headquarter The netizen in this kind of the news “all Moreun the husband work?”(kkkk****) Can “ani it doesn’t know all” (ashs****) ” be done not know? Is that right with the couple? (yusp****) the man who “investigate thoroughly” (asdf****) “‘ burning sun ‘ is related someone Inya The reactoin that it says be all unconnected, ” (tnql****) back is absurd is shown. ‘hanbyeol Park husband’ ‘hanbyeol Park’ etc. Related keyword was ranked as the Portal site real time searching Eo higher rank while Hanbyeol Park husband and triumph, as to the fact called business partner was known.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746287.htm, 2019/02/23 00:00:04]