Kim Sanghyeok marriage…”Don’t drink and don’t drive.


The singer Click-B (minhyeok Roh whom it boils the Ojonghyeok, Kim Sanghyeok, coincidence seat, and last phase of the moon down after the Click-B Kang) from Kim Sanghyeok (36) joins in ‘married man’ rank among the members for the first time. He mentioned simultaneously with the reaction that it congratulates the netizens when the marriage news of Kim Sanghyeok was known in the past to evoke much criticism by the drunk driving and the harsh comment was left. Kim Sanghyeok published the letter used directly in its own Instagram on 22nd, saying that it was “the handwriting was trying to be not written a letter but everyone I gets married”. Kim Sanghyeok told the reason why it determines the letter “the man who It becomes that motive power which leads always lacking I to the straight way and which it makes maturely gets to be met and it is trying to share life” the marriage. He will try in order to will present figure which it is better after ” marriage The many encouragement and cheers was asked so that the bride to-be of me and I can, can be rich and it added. The netizens conveyed the celebration greeting with the comment when the marriage news of Kim Sanghyeok was known. The handwriting is cute. Click-B who it is happy, shares ” (mini****), “the flowery path supports the Geot road all the time” (wori****), and school years of ” I Unawares, it was the age to get married. It is happy. (kitt****) Congratulate the, ” marriage. Well, the strabismus street ” (j196****) and ” Kim Sanghyeok are the drunk driving box only. As long as it earns 2, the man drinking and driving dumps and it overflows. It is happy, these pointing out the past of Kim Sanghyeok evoking much criticism by the over year 2,005 drunk driving don’t write on the contrary with ” (rsvp****). It is “as between boiling kettle was long, it doesn’t drink and doesn’t drive again and buy happily” (dnfj****) and ” bride to-be. However, the bride to get married is not. All Ollin the people girlfriend of 6 years old swallowings and private wedding ceremony Kim Sanghyeok joining in ” (kang****) and “it got married but didn’t fall in love” (mina****) ‘married man’ rank invites the acquaintances who are near come on April 7th Seoul somewhere to the family members in a direct line the aging is not the steaming was prolonged so As to the master of ceremonies for the wedding, JTBC tonicity Gyu announcer who is Kim Sanghyeok and elementary school alumni ind charge of and Kim Sanghyeok going to the axis is planning to cause ‘Deuriming’ (Dreamming), that is the representing music, with Click-B members.
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