The gift which the congratulation event hold… fans arrange the stray kids and debut in the first anniversary?


The place ‘the Ppaenaen star’ which ‘the debut is congratulated in the first anniversary’ fan and star breathes together held the event on 22nd in the first anniversary with the group stray kids debut. It is the large advertisement project congratulating the stray kids having the debut in the first anniversary on the 25th of next month. The event as to for the success is decided according to the sort (point) count focused on the project in the first anniversary with the stray kids debut. As the sort gets together much, the advertisement congratulating the stray kids debut in the first anniversary is notified on many places. The event participation is possible in ‘the Ppaenaen star’ homepage and application. It is the way that it contributes the sort in which the fans gather eagerly to the relevant event directly. If the various activities are done in the site or every kind of mission is completed, the star can be easily gotten. The stray kids hiting against the attention which is big for the rising star of JYP entertainment Unawares, the outcome gets attention if the gift which the stay (the stray kids fan club name) prepares can be conveyed to hims having the debut in the first anniversary. Meantime, the stray kids is the group of 9 groups consisting of the HyunJin one Ppillikseu Seongmin child N which is the Ujin Reno window which the room is cold vacant. The first mini album ‘I am NOT’ (the International Business Machine sickle) was brought out at March last year on 26th and the formal entered the world of singers.
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