The method which the Seoul National University → invention → pickpocket arrest and this hour circle draw attention


The method which it draws attention is various these days. There is no law that it can be said to learn and draws attention surely with the acting. The actor this hour circle informing the face through the pickpocket and Seoul National University from, and etc. belongs here recently. This hour circle appeared as the one’s former wife Lee Su-jin role of Chinwoo on the ended TvN Saturday drama ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ (the script Jaechung Song and direction inside the street Ho) on the 20th of last month. It expressed well to be unstable of the peculiarity which the character holds but He, as to the Bat battle formation was so poor at the great interest. It is the appearance on the stage lower-part Seo on the TvN variety program ‘the life bar’ directly at last 21st that He gets the interest. This hour circle loosed the pickpocket episode undergone in the Barcelona in Spain. As to He, ” I caught 2 pickpockets. The staff and liquor was being drunk in the idle time and in “***” table there was the lurking police it could be said to be sweet, the person like the beggar was trying to take the food my cell phone and at the time was recalled in addition. After that, it told this hour circle “it asked for help and all kinds of sounds were inserted, the concealing police came out and it helped” “this day police report was used”. This hour circle introduced the image to its own SNS at that time when this episode attracted. This hour circle has the appearance which under cover police previous is using the written evidence in the revealed image. He is forming the bright smile as if it is proud. This hour circle appears previously in the TvN variety program ‘the Munjejeok man’ and holds the Portal site real time searching Eo. He revealed in this program “it went on to Seoul National University one of the five wathces of the night dynamics graduate and the evolutionary psychology master course was gone through”. All Moat the interest He that it made the invention it bought 4 reveals six invention patents for was applied He told “the father was the president in MENSA” and especially it was everyone startled all of a sudden. This hour circle spoke on reason “it is the work which enters the university and which oneth enters the drama club as the first” which becomes to walk down the road of the actor. After that, the vitality felt “it was interesting that ephemeris time acts” then missed and the acting school of the door was tapped. It revealed that it got to make a challenge because of being the style ” this which first of all it doesn’t determine front and back. Meantime, this hour circle debutting as the KBS drama ‘the hope of the king’ was donated to ‘microorganism’ ‘the god’s gift’ ‘the Who are you-school 2015’ ‘Beautiful mind’ ‘syucheu’ ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ etc. in 2012.
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