The Sonhoh Ha · pull up Ho passionate love context? …’The high grade wrapper 3′ ” private life and confirmation are difficult.


While ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ participant Sonhoh Ha and pull up Ho got the passionate love suspicion, the interest against was hit and there was, the photo and writing which the content that the Sonhoh Ha and pull up Ho are seem to love passionately is contained was inserted in 23 days every kinds of on-line community and SNS (the social relationship network service) with the majority. The Sonhoh Ha and pull up Ho are the people participating in the cable channel Mnet variety program ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ which the first the day befores are broadcasted. In the day before broadcast, the scene and Sonhoh Ha in which the pull up Ho chooses Sonhoh Ha as the first team members, as to “when it thinks that it is the most wonderful” the told scene, and etc. were on the air in the stage of the pull up Ho. The netizen insisted the photoes captured in SNS on the passionate love of 2 people as the almost one. The picture embrace the pull up Ho in the behind was opened to the Instagram story recently and Sonhoh Ha added the text that it is ‘the all day longso thankful person’. The Instagram non-disclosure account which 2 people are managing together was caught. The introduction applying the profile photo in which man and woman are installing the skinship and rap name of 2 people called ‘Soko’ S Wife ♥ Sandy ‘s Husband’ was included in the account profile which the netizen captures. Why on the passionate love fact ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ people concerned of the Sonhoh Ha and pull up Ho, as to this day revealed “because of when being the private life of the participants, it is difficult to check” the careful position in the call.
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