‘the Yo the time ones’ Suchan Kim who dies and whom it lives in the teuroteu (synthesis)


Teuroteu The trot is connected. It is the only genre which is comprised of the Republic of Korea unlike the rap, Ballard, and pop music. The shaken vocalism of the Jonah trouble height musical scale of the repetitive rhythm and enka and folk songs from the southern province is the feature. Since early times, our race sang the trot well. It liked. The lyrics put me the story into 4 times are rhythmical it is sad melodies of 4 minutes which The Jeom that it follows someone easily and can call and sympathize easily with someone is the advantage of the trot. ‘the modern edition folksong’ teuroteu had been sharing like that with us for a long time. The love story which is unable to accomplish sometimes is put. The life of one many humans is shown sometimes. The history persecuted sometimes is included and the life is kept till now. ‘I am the mole no more than love’ of ‘about the romanticism’ Shim Subong of ‘the brown memory’ Baekhoh Choi of Han Hye-Jin, and etc. For the teuroteu classics representing this time, the juniors saw the light through the remake task once again. The large-scale strength keeping the life of the teuroteu came to the appearance of the capable juniors like Jang Yoon-Jung and Chinyeong Hong. It remains as this pop song which is aside thanks to this still the most familiar with the public. On the other hand, it is one among the most neglected music genre. It was so easy. It was common. It was due to do friendlily with the public. The case where it is devalued is abundant compared with the singer that is the trot active in the selecting singer, moreover, the other music genre as the state genre. ‘camellia Lady’ Lee, Yi Mija regarding the teuroteu as ‘work’ for 60 years did this word in the album release showcase opening at last 21st. It is “it did to sing the trot for some time and become popular. However, it had trouble in the vulgar tag”. The Kkeup kneader the 20th young man who nevertheless goes forward because of will be the life of the teuroteu the attention It is the singer Suchan Kim introducing the person oneself as ‘the teuroteu idol’ jollily. It is nesting in the music K entertainment in which the singer Chinyeong Hong belongs and Suchan Kim is being actively active. The schedule including the local event, night club event, and etc. is usually the mainstream if it says as ‘teuroteu singer’. However, the schedule of Suchan Kim who is 25 year old is a little different now just now. The music broadcasting which ‘the show champion’ ‘M countdown’ etc. idol appears mainly was the schedule of him last week. Suchan Kim climbs the stage and its own title song ‘the troubleshooter of the love’ is sung. The unfamiliar audiences give his enjoying the stage as the handsomely tall key and appearance as much as the Idol group graceful features a clap. The Kkeup kneader the performance added to the cheerful melody till the dance the attention The stable singing ability is the basis. The teuroteu idol coming running so far and story of Suchan Kim wonder that childhood and stage of the senior Nam Jin are seen and ‘I would like to become like Nam Jin’ is determined. Can the troubleshooter of the teuroteu where there are the Na Huna and back of Nam Jin become like Chinyeong Hong who it has the back of the Shim Subong He who begins to inform the face through ‘the troubleshooter of the love’ now just now? The day of Suchan Kim was shared and his story to was little more tried to listen in detail. It continues in the following article.
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