Till the last phase of the moon mistake · vanity Ji parting from the Kim Bora ♥ Byeonggyu Cho


It was the trabecula which the parting of the stars and love is simultaneously heard. The actor Kim Bora Byeonggyu Cho acknowledged the passionate love. The singer last phase of the moon mistake and Yeonggee Huh gave of the news of break up. The regrettable news of death of the Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra was given. Besides, there was no quiet chance in many cases. The Moat Seup kneader 2 month fourth week entertainment the news The Kim Bora ♥ Byeonggyu Cho and ‘SKY Castle’ sweetheart birth actor Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho went into the open love. The passionate love fact of 2 was independently reported with the photo captured the date field of the Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho on 21st. This day Kim Bora and Byeonggyu Cho agency admitted the passionate love of “2 people started the acquaintance from 2 month vinegars” “as much as it was the interval which it starts just now now, it wanted to treat with favor” 2 people. The Ppyohaeseumni the thankfulness it feels sorry “all Deun only the mind feeling sorry for the mood which it seems to give the large-scale impact to the fans rooting silently for the long time that it is 15 still” “even though the today article came up, it looks in the good eye line and gives and the text of the cheer is sent and it thanks you” after Kim Bora writes on the fan cafeAll. The second hop and birthday were right and 100 million donation idol group bulletproof Boy Scouts member second hop put a large sum of contribution on the occasion of the birthday and the eyes was. The child welfare agency abstract umbrella children’s foundation revealed 18 days “the second hop asked to write down on the occasions of the birthday for the juniors in low-income family of the one’s alma mater and 100 million won was contributed”. Therefore, 250 million won in total was generously contribute till contributed 150 million won last year and the big donator gathering green noble club 146 number member said come to over 100 million won of the green umbrella children’s foundation. After selecting the student of which the help is needed, after that, the abstract umbrella children’s foundation the one’s alma mater of the second hop is planning to deliver the will of the second hop the scholarship to the international high school located in Gwangju Metropolitan City Buk-gu triangle building to his one’s alma mater. It became so that after all, the band country stand vocal last phase of the moon mistake (38) and group KARA from Yeonggee Huh (25) attracting attention could go to ▼ last phase of the moon mistake Yeonggee Huh and parting accreditation 13 years old car sweetheart for its own way. Why the last phase of the moon mistake agency Interpark entertainment revealed in the call “it is right that last phase of the moon right and Yeonggee Huh parts” “the rest item is not know done because of being the artist private life” on 18th. The TvN variety program ‘the suspicious singer’ which the year 2,017 shown the last phase of the moon mistake and vanity is broadcasted met and it developed to the love relationship. The open love this was started with the accreditation when the love affair was reported at March last year. The shoe (the one’s real name Suyeong Yoo,38) handed over to the trial was sentenced to the probation of the penal servitude in the first trial for ▼ shoe and probation Seongosueok one’s unit gambling trip charge. The East Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office criminal 11 single Cheolhan Yang head judge sentenced the imprisonment of 6 months to the probation year 2 upon shoe charged with the charge of habitual gambling on 18th. In addition, the community service of 80 hours was ordered. This day shoe started the court and could not get by oneself to the group of reporters “it started with the curiosity at first time and more and more changed my attitude was horrible”. It could break away from this cienaga through the bee which the presiding judge awards. It will be sorry and will not forget in the future and will be rich and told. Shoe was previously the fraudulent gambling of the total 790 millionwon scale handed over to the trial in the overseas including Macao, and etc. about 26 times according to one charge from August, 2016 until May 2018th last month. The fashion designer Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra which ▼ Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra leaving the world is international passed away. 85 years olds of one’s age at death The main foreign newses including 19 days (local time) BBC, NYT, and etc reported that Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra died from the pancreatic cancer in Paris. The knife it falls asleep to this day Kkal Geoppeltteu Ra formal SNS comfortably The Rest In Peace from the timcal family love you forever and Karl The memorial writing called the Love Forever From Your TeamKarl Family)” was published. It was regardless of the country and the wave of the cherish one’s memory toward He was connected in the worldwide. The hydration agent or the actor Hyegyo Song, model Han Hye-Jin, and stylist Hanhye lotus lantern many stars wrote on SNS in the national and it offered condolence.
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