The time to wear ‘tum-tum, tum-tum’ Suchan Kim and ‘teuroteu feeling’


“the reporter the woman’s unpainted face is in trouble”After getting the card with two hands respectfully, to do the change (?) quickly, Suchan Kim who arrives at the shop with tiing tightly with the padding and hat is alit on the seat. As soon as Suchan Kim takes up the seat, the make-up artist and hair stylists give birth to ‘the Beullingbeul ring’ one ‘the teuroteu idol’ Suchan Kim as the busy dexterity. What kind of talk is written? Finish much talk. ‘ tumor TITO of Suchan Kim is big and the nap is revealed from ” at this time. Suchan Kim who exchanges the staffs and story ceaselessly even when getting the care releases the agency senior ‘chinyeong Hong class’ appetence. The constantly continued conversation on is trying to be eavesdropped. It will go to Taiwan soon. As to Taiwan, the potatoes is tasty. So, this inquisitive talk was exchanged and ‘one Bakseu of potato will be gotten’ is explained. The face smartenned up fully now and ‘the celebrity Suchan Kim’ finishing the change as the clothes Leave the shop majestically. Today, the first schedules the Mnet music broadcasting program ‘M countdown’ In this day broadcasting, the luxurious, ITZY, Monstar X SF9, girl of this month, and etc. appeared. Suchan Kim exchanging the staffs and this and that daily conversation in the elevator It heads for the parking lot and approaches to the intern reporter this time and is checked and walked. Is it “93 former? Then, it is the sister. It asks well. The reaching appetence ‘ is released, saying that it is the sister “. The, really, suchan Kim was hit by 94 formers on 26 year old this year. Is the teuroteu singer who is really fresh and is fresh? Am I refreshing? Ha-ha. Do you explode once? Suchan Kim whom it follows the certain beverage CF and enters in the tea It looks into a mirror and the Ot hawk disregard is straightened and it decorates fully and prepares for the stage. The interview proceeding in the difference The intern reporter that puts the laptop on the knee and writes its own horse down is seen and Suchan Kim walks for, saying that it is with a bit anxious face “the reporter will become nauseous”. Even during when answering, there is no moment that in waves in hand saying that it is good, it is Suchan Kim like that, treat with generosity the sludged blood seat directly. It learned from Nam Jin teacher. The demonstration is displayed, saying that Nam Jin sir is realizing the blood seat so that it can be dumbfounded. Seoul Sangam-dong ‘M countdown’ recording studio which arrives in no time while in this way, exchanging the talk murmur While the manager and staffs find the vacant seat from the underground parking lot which the cars enter densely, Suchan Kim captures the vacant seat by ‘the eye of the hawk’. ” that place green light is turned on to the manager looking around. Leave for that place. Find out the column by oneself. The age is really nothing but the number. The idea called ‘also, the teuroteu singer’ holds in his that it is ‘green light’ who ‘green light’ is not power of expression. The load chamber in which it arrives rapidly there is no worry about parking because of kicking the number of Kim the sense overflowing The pretty cell cardo is put and it is at the front of photo wall prior to the stage video recording and ‘the teuroteu idol U.S’ boasts this for one next simply. The time to sally into the stage nowIt loves and you are in the Love Me Love Me/inter-ocular, if the live stage swallowing CD of Suchan Kim who resounds the helper who there 2 is no in the /I Love You Kiss Me Kiss Me/world to be clear and cool wonders, connive the Mnet ‘ M countdown ‘ 607 time when it broadcasts at last 21st. The degree will root that nice singer concluding the concern of the whole nation with the music later will become after Suchan Kim and love solution. ‘the Yo the time ones’ Suchan Kim who dies and whom it lives in “the ~ it flies away fluttering away fluttering away” [the teuroteu idol ①] teuroteu as the column of ‘the teuroteu king of singer’ (synthesis)
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