‘top star’ Lee Hyo-lee who nevertheless is unchanged with “it would like to go down prettily”…


It is the same top star Lee Hyo-lee. The singer Lee Hyo-lee emitted the unchallenged fascination to the illustrated magazine and the attention of the world was centered. As to the fashion magazine Deijeudeu nose rear, the certain French luxury casual brand of Lee Hyo-lee introduced SS season pictorial at last 22nd in 2019. The revealed pictorial center Lee Hyo-lee is digesting completely the various fashion style including the chiffon onepiece, suite, and etc. with 1 ‘the listening clearly fashion’. The Deo 한 everyone the atmosphere which is strong in the fascination of Lee Hyo-lee and one eye makeup is acutely the bang hair and end uniqueThe various properties were utilized for the rhythmical concept. The lighting doubles the feel, that is dreams and phantasms. The fans are showing ‘it is pleased’ ‘it wanted to see’ ‘also it is Lee Hyo-lee’ back reaction to nice figure of Lee Hyo-lee. The name of Lee Hyo-lee climbed the Portal site real time searching Eo higher rank after the pictorial opening to the public. The last month only glad face is hinted and Lee Hyo-lee becomes a hot issue. The Gerediwit U.S. GRWM which the make-up artist Hyunchung Hong shares with ‘ Hyo Ri sister publishing in YouTube channel The attention was concentrated into the easy-going skill at talking in AT IU (IU) CONCERT BACKSTAGE’ image. The group FINKL from Lee Hyo-lee was regardless of the activity of group and solo activity and cheerful got the love large-scale of the fans as the style as well as well as considering the trendy the nice stage manner and skill at talking, unaffected charisma, and etc. It was developed into the worthy of name ‘the style icon’ ‘the sexy icon’. Lee Hyo-lee marrying the band roller coaster guitarist ideal Sun is living in Jeju since back in 2013. While it stays so that the music and appearing in TV can be a little not related, the activity is intermittently displayed. Finally, the album is 6 album ‘black’s brought out in 2017. The audience was met in this sea and last year in JTBC ‘the lodging it is the Hyo Ri’ season 1 and 2 and natural Jeju life was opened. As to Lee Hyo-lee, “it would like to go down from the normality slowly prettily” hints at the desire in ‘the lodging it is the Hyo Ri’. Lee Hyo-lee is getting the preparation to be gone down in the circumstance of the popularity but Lee Hyo-lee is the beloved top star who becomes a hot issue if it appears still.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746280.htm, 2019/02/24 00:00:03]