‘ARMYPEDIA’…’ made with the bulletproof Boy Scouts and ARMYThe whole world 2,080 puzzle ‘


While AMI photo diode child puzzle of the group bulletproof Boy Scouts is revealed on 25th, AMI and beat event which it is together opens in the Seoul Plaza next month on 10th. (ARMYPEDIA), the bulletproof Boy Scouts agency big hit entertainment began to reveal 2,080 puzzles on the official site successively from 25th. (ARMYPEDIA), it is the digital recording stores of the bulletproof Boy Scouts making with the fans with the compound word of ‘the Wikipedia’ editing the information the registered O by oneself with the bulletproof Boy Scouts official fan club ‘AMI (ARMY)’ and internet user. The record between who is AMI photo diode child starting date until February 21st in 2019 total 2,080 days is contained from June 13th in 2013 with the debut one person of the bulletproof Boy Scouts. The quiz about the bulletproof Boy Scouts is solved and the text and photo and image of are taken advantage and AMI photo diode Arles gets to complete the fans finding 2,080 puzzles which is hidden in the various places on the earth before. The global fans know AMI photo diode share the activity trail of at last 2080th of the bulletproof Boy Scouts together and it has mutual understanding and cooperates, and is completed. Previously, the bulletproof Boy Scouts revealed AMI photo diode child official site the teaser which selected the meaningful day most directly and which the members introduce in 7 cities including 10 high Seoul, City of Los Angles in USA and New York, Tokyo in Japan, Great Britain London, Paris, Hong kong, and etc. at last 22nd. It rose to the twitter whole world trend as well as the real time searching Eo of the domestic major Portal site which AMI photo diode knows. It prepared in order to fill 2,080 puzzles such as taking the teaser through SNS and sharing or reading carefully the use guide and, etc the fans of the worldwide had the interest. The media illuminated AMI photo diode Arles with U.S.A including American Grammy and Billboard, Ttin vogue, and etc. The feeling of expectation for the global campaign which dealt with the definition about AMI photo diode until the participant method and reaction of the global fans in detail and which the bulletproof Boy Scouts can install was expressed. Moreover, hold ‘RUN ARMY in ACTION’ in the Seoul Plaza on March 10th. As to ‘RUN ARMY in ACTION’, AMI which open for 5 bulletproof Boy Scouts official fan club AMI (ARMY) and are focused on the Seoul Plaza get to have the experience which is over on-line and recalls together and enjoys at last 2080th of the bulletproof Boy Scouts through the off-line event.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746433.htm, 2019/02/25 14:52:45]