It didn’t open. The ratio “it can be ‘ bycycle king Eombok building ‘ and no good”


I mention the movie ‘the bycycle king Eombok building’ playing role of the starring and the actor stop Korean translation of Chinese character (ratio) is becoming a hot issue. The rain, as to ” a drink drank with ‘the bycycle king Eombok building’ poster in Instagram on 25th. The movie is good even if it is unsuccessful. However, remember one Bogdong Eom. It tells truly, “***” movie can be no good. It worried and they acted until day and night. The best was run out and it did eagerly. My sincerity wishes to be felt. It was appreciated, it wrote. “the movie is so much interesting.” which finally it praysIt added. “the one, which thrusts the intention the outcome is terrible just, for avoidance shield” (last****) ” hero the netizens finished about direction unit of measure to be uninteresting to this. The part time work or the relative colleagues drain and who does go? (khik****) “one which the idea that the star would like to see the movie can be no good doesn’t get the fact” (book****) etc. Comment was hung and the disappointment toward the movie was expressed. “the movie is so much interesting.” in the rain the posting in this way, the negative public opinion about the movie spreads out before the premiereThe sentence seems to be added. Meantime, it is the movie which the shipbuilding worker the movie ‘the bycycle king Eombok building’ having the premiere ahead wins primally at Choson Jeon bycycle competition on 27th and it draws the real person Eombok copper desired to gloomy Joseon. The stop Korean translation of Chinese character spread the disintegration hot rolling to the Eombok copper which the bycycle hero becomes in the water-seller.
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