It met by ‘the Saba Ha’. ‘the life character’


“isn’t it that one practical joke is so serious?”(‘new world’) As soon as “the up Io in which the king will come to me” (‘ tubula ‘) “the bullet of Japan guys is stuck in my body only 6” (‘ assassination ‘) Geu and interview was caught, one coming into mind was the lines doing in so far work. The strong impression was left to the audience as the character of one work, it was not easy and He left a lot of impressive characters and metabolisms in fact. He speaks as “the actor that It becomes the color of all people now”. In the meantime, it tries in order to show the constantly various looks to the audience. It is the story of the actor this standing returning as solder heartburnings movie ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang) at last 20th. It was the Jongno in Seoul on 18th and the Ppalpandong one cafe met this standing. It was quite the other looks with the materialistic person (?) Mocksa Park station which it shows in the movie ‘the Saba Ha’. The black knit was worn with the beige coat. The relish which is courteous and generous even when being polished was caused. Even He meeting the reporter with the bright smile was serious. The Tteol Eo built the story about the movie to even be joyful. After watching ” current movie, ‘ what kind of pastor smoked so much but it wanted. (Smile) it is not the same as one and the establishment seems to be poisonousness much like that spread. It spread much like that in ‘new world’. Ha-ha. But when acting in ‘the Saba Ha’, the cigarette was actually not and it was the herbal cigarette. If the mileage is measured, there are the major works coming into mind. It is ‘along with the god’ etc. which it shares with ‘new world’ ‘tubula’ ‘assassination’ mentioned before with the special guest appearance last year. However, these arts became one homework to him. Because of being the character who is originally strong and is Se, it isn’t due to be easy to break the image which He holds. This task was soon solved when meeting ‘the Saba Ha’. The appearance of which was deceitful and is a bit light this standing was due to get well through the Mut Eo in the work. Figure which “‘ is fresh would like to be presented, there is always the greed. It thinks limited to impose the change upon the appearance in which the actor is externally. It cannot have a command of the various smoke tones in the smoke. While being like that, it would be easy when the acting tone was changed if the job group changed and the current work got to be selected. The space of the character tends to be given every the work. In 27, the car actor this standing appeared in the work (the movie · drama) of about 42 volumes so far but could be said to be the first time entrusting the pastor. The He “it was different from the attitude typical of the pastor who is drawn in many works” told “it was the freshest among the character taking care in the recently”. In the movie everywhere, there is the cheerful point of Mocksa Park peculiarity. This standing told frankly “it seems to be not right with the humor code of Jaehyun Jang director and I” and about this, evoked laughter. It seems to be ” supervisior Jang and generation gap and the humor code is different. The own way was eagerly done but as much as I was satisfied, the humor code was not rich. Ha-ha. It was him that it was unable to be satisfied with the humor code but it wondered if the word in fashion of He was born in the current work. This standing laughed “the point of the audiences will be done not know at all”. When the person who there is a lot of ” fact at first followed, it was awkward. ‘with what did I make a wrong?’ Was ‘ acting awkward? ‘is this laughingstock?’It thought. But the child Niran one was realized and it was happy. It will don’t know in fact whether it will become like that in any kind of point. So now, the feeling is not Japhi at all if a part is liked among Mocksa Park lines. It is ‘the up Io in which the king will come to me’ that even so I understand. (Smile) the change in acting style of ” He was pleased. Because of having his seeing after ‘5 Brothers’ ‘Yangeun Tae Eopda’ after long interval sly looks. When the reporter conveyed “when it will be good if it stood more much as this character in the future” the wind with the audience position to don’t know, then He laughed briskly and it gave an answer “it will know”. The problem was felt from him for the interview as the actor. This standing displayed “the acting is still difficult” “the many magnetic poles are gained from the junior actors and it is learning” humble figure. In “‘ Saba Ha ‘, the concentration and energy where there is the explosion power of Park Chungmin was seen and it thought that it was great. Idawit played a role of this what kind of actor with the color of oneself who cannot follow. The idea that it saw this point and is really enviable was done. I seem to install really much the idea that it would like to have the acting breathing technique of me and color. The various character and various tries are run and the color of I am made.
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