“kim, tremblingly” Chunghyun Kim announcer and professional mindset member dispute rumbling of sea?


Chunghyun Kim MBC announcer came out on the elucidation when being embroiled in controversy. At last 24th, Chunghyun Kim announcer is the breaking news along with the broadcasting capture photo put the scene in which I host the news into Instagram ” dawn at 1:40. Neverthless, the news was made after a long time and the writing that it is the # Kim cattail ” was uploaded. Chunghyun Kim announcer proceeded with the breaking news putting the Betteunamhaeng related news of Kim North Korea state minister Jang this day at 1:40 a.m. After netizens began to criticize saying that the action of Chunghyun Kim announcer was thoughtless. It was this reason to be no professionalism. When the controversy grew serious, then in conclusion, Chunghyun Kim announcer uploaded another writing and the inconvenience at was hinted. Firstly, the comment was left that ” one seemed to don’t have the professionalism. It woke up the explanation to be asked the people who it was full of the comment of the person of which there is a lot of feed, there seems to be no “***” professionalism and the luck was taken off. After that, chunghyun Kim announcer reminisced at the time and ” yesterday (saturday) proceeded with the radio news as one-hour intervals from 4 p.m. until night 9 o’clock. The word that the breaking news may appear at the time when leaving the office was taken, because “***” night duty person knew to be busy with the large-scale event preparation of the department, I replaced and the flash for was stood by, it explained. Moreover, because of doing the hard work, it doesn’t complain. It was the work which it comes forward for the colleague by oneself. The time when it stands by for the flash was good. The number It was the man and saw me, the flash possibility existence and nonexistence and time rode when the several times was changed, of course, it was unable to eat the dinner for “***” day radio (afternoon 4 o’clock ~9 o’clock) progress, it went in order to listen to the word that the flash expected after early evening at night 10 o’clock delaid till the night 1 o’clock ~2 o’clock and which eat, but in which the flash appears again immediatelyThe sweet word to was listened and it had a meal and returned. Because of listening to the word that the breaking news was again withdrawn after returning, it looked done up and told. However, the dispute didn’t die down by the rumbling of sea of this Chunghyun Kim announcer and in conclusion, He is the condition where it deletes the Instagram account. Meantime, chunghyun Kim announcer joined MBC as Seoul National University German literature and native at May last year.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746398.htm, 2019/02/25 11:45:11]