March new work preview.’The captain marble ‘ idol ‘ bad quality police ‘


The warm feel of spring approached with a long step. As much as it is March which is good that theater goes out, the interest about the releases is rising. The genre of the releases wait for the meeting with the audience is various. The genre of hero and k were scooped up and the width of the choice widened more and more to the movie, humanism, and etc. March release was examined. ◆ As to the response is already hot the movie ‘the captain marble’ opening March 6th which ‘the cap flaw marble’ and new the hero ‘the interest ↑’ of the marble comes. It acceded to the first place of total booking rate at last 24th and the hot interest about ‘the captain marble’ was proved from the unsealing. ‘the captain marble’ is the art drawn the new hero birth which It becomes the hope of the Eobenjyeoseu. ‘ Eobenjyeoseu, that is 4 month prearrangements of release: It becomes the linkage which is close with the final step where it faces to the end game ‘. As to ‘the captain marble’, that is the marble kinematic model universe 21 number art, MCU sets primally in 90’s. It is planning to convey with the atmosphere doing the formation all talk of the Eobenjyeoseu the retro of this Ri in 90’s to the unique interest. Here, the actors including leading ‘nick fury’ Samuel L Jackson, ‘the spreading col is worm-eaten’ clock Gregg, and etc. the looks in which it changes into the visual of in 90’s can meet Schild of MCU with the joining of the new actors including the Choodeu Ro, Netteu A Bening, and etc. ◆ the actor was all gathered to ‘money’ Chungmu ’10 days’, the actors got together with the Chung-mu road on 10th. Directly, the actor Ryujun row, Yu Ji-tae, and encounter jeans 3 people drags the powerful story of ‘money’ to this hero. As to the Ryujun heat, as to Yu Ji-tae, the encounter battle formation hinted the face as ‘the half of Ppaeng’ as ‘the Saba Ha’ in ‘accidentally, the marriage’ ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ back recently. As much as the actor showing the other looks every the work in which it appears gets, it looks forward if any kind of looks is shown in the current movie ‘money’. All Geuryeot the story which gets to get involved in the plan which bets the large sum after the new stocks broker work string (the Ryujun heat) which the richman wanted to be gets to meet the sin plan designer number ticket (the Yu Ji-tae) in the veil and the movie happens The encounter battle formation undertakes the Financial Supervisory Service top inspector Korean paper iron role and is planning to show the tenacious aspects of ‘hound’. The release date is the undecided. ◆ Lee Su-jin director getting the response which is hot in ‘idol’ and ‘one Kongju’ Lee Su-jin director new film ‘one Kongju’ meets with the audience in the new work ‘idol’. In the current work, the veteran actor Han Suk-kyu and Kyongkoo Seol appears. The Cheonuhui keeping time in the Lee, Yi Gamdok ‘one Kongju’ appears. As to ‘idol’, the formal was invited to the panoramic section, that is the 69 time Berlin international film festival out-of-competition opening at last seventh. As to Lee, Yi Gamdok, ㅇ achieved the splendid achievement advancing into three major international film festivals with ‘idol’, that is the second opinion long work directed by. All Moat the interest sweeping the flowing water film festival including Rotterdam international film festival, city chess international film festival, Marrakech international film festival, and etc. with the full-length debut work ‘one Kongju’ previously He is and international once Only the story which ‘idol’ gets to fall into the situation where the Ryeon (cheonuhui) which disappears without a trace there is with the son of the father in oil equation (kyongkoo Seol) of the victim who was trying to have one which it cannot have with the provincial member clemency sashimi (the Han Suk-kyu) which is driven into the crisis of the irrevocable political life worst of the son and day of the accident Chinese dish cannot hold. The date is the undecided with March unsealing. ◆ ‘the bad quality police’ and meeting movie ‘uncle’ Chungbeom Lee director of ‘uncle’ Chungbeom Lee director X Lee Sun germs meets with the audience in the new work ‘the bad quality police’. The Ppul Eo is planning to suggest the quite powerful story this time. ‘the bad quality police’ takes care of the bribe and overlooks the irrationality and ‘the bad quality police’ puts the story of the instigating bad quality police and there is the crime. The bad quality police team fill Ho (the Lee Sun dividing equally) is the crime drama which is driven into the explosion incident suspect and is entangled in the plot of the huge company and gets wider. Chungbeom Lee supervision is ” police through the distributor Woneo brothers nose rear but the fill Ho committing the crime is the poverty-stricken life. However, it met whether it was someone taking a good look and or not the fault was realized through this man and it was changed and ‘ bad quality police ‘ was introduced. Lee Sun germs is the schedule to be spread the strong villainous role to the current work. Here, the actor Bakhaejun which the new face Jeonsoni and works is showing the face various has together and the degree of concentration is planning to be improved.
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