‘the Chilgok girls’ Jaehwan Kim supervision “CGV out”… declaration of boycott (official position)


All Deureot the half term in the unfair screen operation planned proposal of Jaehwan Kim director producing the movie ‘the Chilgok girls’ the multiplex CGV It is one that it determined CGV showing to boycott. Jaehwan Kim supervision revealed that he will present formal report data on 25th and will boycott CGV in relation with ‘the Chilgok girls’ showing. Supervisior Gim “it was informed of the screen operation planning of ‘ Chilgok girl ‘ from CJ CGV on the last 22nd” expressed “the screen which can be made in our movie in CGV having 1, 182 (the Yeongjinwi integrated computer network standard) screen toward 159 movie houses across the country was just 8”. After that, it told “it had been informing that it will show plop-plop and that will determine according to the release date result if the flexible several time will be shown afterward”. Supervisior Gim was ‘the skilled work’ this in relation with this decision of CGV. However, one which it cannot accept mentioned ‘accidentally, the marriage’ opened the day like ‘the Chilgok girls’. The situation where the pure production cost is same and the cost for P&A is similar according to his insistence ‘the Chilgok girls’ did Man more. In the meantime, depending on whether it was not whether the difference of ‘accidentally, the marriage’ securing 140 screens in 8 theaters and ‘the Chilgok girls’ of 8 screens and 95 CGV theater was CGV Art House investment distribution art or not it was not explained on the outside and insisted. He asked in return and, “it will persist to assign the theater to the booking rate standard. However, even though it has the unsealing ahead on 3rd to the sky be seen, and get the star, there is no one and how the multiplex theater opening the reservation window goes up to the booking rate to ‘ Chilgok girl ‘. “. Supervisior Gim refuses the insulting rule which “CGV chooses lastly. On February 27th, in the national CGV, there was the person having the advice that it could not meet ‘the Chilgok girls’, it would better get “***”, neverthless, all CGV and screen of the few number. However, there is no burden of the break-even point because there is no investor. The destiny of our movie added the advance notice that we will decide and it will send the sick gift ‘ to CGV. The Chilgok girl ‘ opens on February 27th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746413.htm, 2019/02/25 12:39:13]