The # ideal type # old picture # singing skill which ‘the drizzle bird’ Hanyeseul reveals


The actor Hanyeseul deluded TV with the loveable appeal. As to Hanyeseul, appeared on SBS ‘ugly Duckling’ broadcasted at last 24th as the guest as to of the peculiar charm was full and the lively fascination was released and the studio was brightly brightenned. This day Hanyeseul opened the ideal type arousing curiosity from the broadcasting. Chongcook Kim was chosen and “the man going to the club is better than ‘ kidult ‘ (the sensitivity like the children and adult having the taste)” revealed the man coffin, saying that He was the man who the ideal type is full of the healthy beauty. After that, it told to the taste called the vinegar killer and unique love style that it respects the privacy and the honest appeal was shown. Moreover, ‘or the dollar who is He’, that is the hit song getting many loves, was called so far on the spot and the pure voice was boasted. Besides, the put photo was on the air with the mother. Hanyeseul was polished. All Kkeureot the eyes with the appearance which is the time when that will graduate from the kindergarten and which explains and in which it is not different from the childhoodMeantime, hanyeseul kept with capability managing editor index number string in ‘big issue’, that is the broadcasting schedule, on March 6th for the first time.
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