‘the nation husband’ Kwonoh middle “it could be the developmental disorder better”.’The tear impression ‘


‘the turn of life conquest story’ among the actor Kwonoh spread. In MBC day night ‘the nation husband’ broadcasted at last 24th, ‘my one’s younger brother two-out-of-five is the turn of life’ feature for the Kwonoh middle was on the air. Even if it was called as ‘the human faucet’, this day Cha In-pyo, Kim Yong-man, stable cycle, and Taegwan Cho arranged the various events for the recovery of confidence among Kwonoh whose the tear increases as much as it did the do no harm. Firstly, taegwan Cho escorted him till the place which found the home among Kwonoh whom nothing doesn’t know and handed over the prepared suite and is promised. Cha In-pyo and Kim Yong-man took action for the healing party for the turn of life conquest busily such as preparing the picture frame and red carpet in which ‘litz’ (legend) days among Kwonoh is contained, etc. After that, the Kwonoh middle expressed the feeling eager for the son suffer from the rare disease in the psychodrama shared with the professional consultant. “it is doing well” of Kim Yong-man undertaking the wish role exploded the tears by the encouragement with the word called “the hope, my son could be me better”. Moreover, ” wish Our child could be me better. Our child asks when it is better for me to sleep. But it replied to say what and the son Kwon Hyeokjun you was recalled. All Jabat these umbilicuses which the members’ facial expressions who walk on egg shells the versus progressing ‘whack-a-mole’ game destroying the sorrow, anger, melancholy, and feeling of you called tear after the psychodrama of the tear it is not righter sees The Kwonoh middle changed and into ‘the Kung Fu enema’ which it makes to recall the splendidest one’s days and the weapon of the spleen which had been being hidden into was initiated the members so far and the dark smile and aftertaste was left.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746368.htm, 2019/02/25 09:19:31]