The Ri and best supporting actor award reception which it knows in being Huhsyal Ma


The Ri which it knows in being the actor Huhsyal Ma grabbed the award for best supporting actor in the 91 time Academy Awards. The 91 time Academy Awards progressed in the California United States Los Angeles Dolby theater on 25th morning Hanguksiga*). In ‘green book’, the Ri which this day best supporting actor award knows in being Huhsyal Ma playing a role of the genius pianist money Shirley got. He rising on stage is thankful for ” academy. And the money Shirley doctor thanked and the luck was taken off. After that, ” Shirley was trying to include any kind of life in the Saraneun Ji movie. It is thankful to the colleagues acting together, this prize is trying to be given to “***” grandmother. It decide to have an effect on all parts of my life and there decide to be the number to live the positive life and it told. Finally, it added “it gives thanks to the wife and child”. Adam screw driver in ‘the’ with this day best supporting actor award candidate and ‘the CanU ever forgive U.S?’The Ri chart E Grant, spring Elliot of ‘the star Ijeu sees’, and spring Rockwell of ‘vice’ rose to the candidate. However, the trophy was Huhsyal Ma and it went back to the known Ri. The Academy Award connects ‘oscar award’. And it is the award of best film of American greatest which the film art academy society (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences), that is American movie-maker and Sahoebeop, presents. There was no show-host, the awards ceremony opened this year for the first time in 30 years. The Academy Awards was broadcast live and the film critic movement battle formation and broadcaster Oh Sangchin Hyunmao Ahn took care of the progress in the domestic.
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