“the something unusual, all”.’The green book ‘the award for best picture ·’ bohemian ‘4 medal holder (synthesis)


It was the conservative academy very famous. However, the result of award winning has the shape that admits ‘diversity’ and attempts the change this year. ‘rome’ dealing the talk of the human right of women and emigrant and ‘in the black fan’ in which the performer is mostly the black occupied the total of 3 medal holders. The work getting the prize in the most sections received the prize in 4 sections due to the best actor award, music award for best film editing, sound effect prize, award for best film editing, and etc. as ‘bohemian Rhapsody’. 91. as to the academy, it became the awards ceremony producing the indeedmost many accidents. In 25 days (korean time) U.S.A LA Dolby theatre, the 91 time Academy Award (Oscar) awards ceremony opened. The Academy Award called as ‘oscar award’ this is the award of best film of American greatest which the film art academy society (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences), that is American movie-maker and group of movies, presents. This day awards ceremony began with the stage of the queen. Aedeom Lambert had together instead of the Fredj mercury and ㅇ posted the act grand of the awards ceremony on Roger tailor and Brian Me vocal who is the circle member of the queen. This year went on in the world form without the president. It is the year 30. As to award for best picture, ‘green book’ embraced the glory of the reception. The production crew of ‘green book’ the whole story of “lee movie was made under the feet Ferralli guide” ” movie is one about the love. It is different but we love. We are the someone. We spoke altogether as the man same ” and many these hand clappingses against were hit. Pponso Al Kkua Ron director of from Mexico got the director’s award as ‘rome’. Pponso Al Kkua Ron supervision “1 people are guaranteed of the right among 17 million female laborers” revealed “when we will this be the Bwa Yae and this responsibility of is thought that it is most important now” the acceptance speech. As to best actor and actress awards, the Ollivier Coleman of Malek in Lamy of ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘deo favorite’ got. Malek in Lamy is really the historical moment. It gives thanks to the person who catches and leads my hand the person giving the chance, the gratitude greeting to is asked “***” queen and it wants. The gratitude greeting of was given, saying that it was that here it could not come if there was no everyone. After that, as to He, ” I am the son of the imine whole family in Egypt. It was the story which it deals the person of the imine family from and it wanted to thank more for one that it talks this style, it gave thanks to the people trusting me with “***”. It would recall continuously, it told for remaining my rest of one’s life. The best actress award, but, all Badat only one prize ‘deo favorite’ was almost risen to 9 section candidates in the Academy Award this year Because the Ollivier Coleman could work with ” director daily, it thanked. All Heullyeot the tear of the deep emotion it was the really difficult work it can imagine After that, the He “it gets to hold in the best actress award candidate (it is good)” ” Geulren Rojeu Kkeul (the best actress award candidate). It is my idol. It is the really nice person. It inspected and the ready edge mentioned the best actress award candidates along with the back and it evoked laughter. Man and woman award for the supporting actor were Huhsyal Ma of ‘green book’ and the ledge of the known Ri and ‘IF Bill street Kud talk’ or king got. It told “it gives thanks to the partner remark and Peter parallel Ri supervision” which it informs in being Huhsyal Ma “the space was inspired to us. The role of we could be done and the variation can be done”. The ledge or king told “it doesn’t feel with the reality” “it is likely to be more adequate that it tells whether it is anything to be established in the seat and inspire the love and help someone military song”. In the meantime, the gratitude greeting of was given the actors appearing together on the movie. As to the foreign language film prize, ‘rome’ got. “the end that there is no waves if it sees in the book and there is the sea comes out” ” we think that pponso Al Kkua Ron director is in the sea. It thanked for the family and Mexico and told. In this awards ceremony, ‘the star Ijeu sees’ risen to the section candidate got the subject virtual. All Heullyeot Lady Gaga “in the academy, the honor is inspired in this way and it thanks” the tear If many men didn’t trust me, He will cannot sing this song. Because of being the difficult work, it wanted to tell and told. After that, it took long. However, this is not important to get the prize, it doesn’t give up to “***” be important. And then, it wishes to fight if there is the dream. If there was the passion, although the refusal was suffered, because of having nothing to do, it wanted to tell and the impression of the deep emotion was revealed. Next, the 91 time the academy prize-winning work (ja). The Ri it knows in being the award for best picture = ‘green book’ director’s award = Pponso Al Kkua Ron (‘ Rome ‘) best actor award = Malek in Lamy (‘ Bohemian Rhapsody ‘) best actress award = Ollivier Coleman (more, the favorite ‘) best supporting actor award = Huhsyal Ma (‘ green book ‘) best supporting actress award = ledge which or the king (‘ It IF Bill street Kud talk ‘) best original screenplay =’ green book’each color =’ black grade.man ‘the short animation look =’ Bao ‘the long animation look =’ spiderman: The free solo ‘the fragment documentary look =’ period in the new universe ‘the make up look =’ the vice ‘the award of best costume =’ black fan ‘the long work documentary look =’ The award for photography = seen the star Ijeu in the Rome ‘the visual effect look =’ the first baseman.man ‘the award for best film editing =’ Bohemian Rhapsody ‘the short movie look =’ skin ‘the music award =’ the black fan ‘the theme virtual =’ Rome in the end off sentence ‘the acoustic award for best film editing =’ Bohemian Rhapsody ‘the sound effect look =’ Bohemian Rhapsody ‘the fine art dealer =’ black fan ‘the foreign language film look =”rome’
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