The Suchan Kim “it becomes the singer like Nam Jin” (interview)


It increased in the car moving with Suchan Kim finishing the preparation which it will rise to the stage to the broadcastig station. ‘the mulberry talent’ was placed to the splendid make-up. However, the fresh impression cannot be all removed. The several questions were carefully said to him heading for the live broadcasting stage as a bit tense expression. The showcase is opened to the real appearing in TV and Suchan Kim reveals the title song ‘the troubleshooter of the love’. Although He is the life first showcase at that time, the memory captivating the mind of the group of reporters which there is in the scene with the unlike other people appetence appears. It was tremendously tense in being ” truth first showcase. The mind is placed since conniving well all. The memory which presided condescendingly to the utmost over the event for fear of being the important seat greeting ‘it is well my music the Bwa week’ and it hung up, doing appears. Presently, it is active as the music K entertainment singer affiliated to the agent who ‘the queen of the teuroteu’ Chinyeong Hong belongs. Only it could concentrate on the music in the company in which the systematic management system is equipped. Suchan Kim made debut with the tune that it is ‘audition’ in fact in 2012. However, the attention to says be like this against was unable to be hit so far. It was the large-scale reason to is unable to meet the company to support the activity. It is one that it can concentrate only that it sings to meet ” music K and be most changed. As to the other all ones, even if I don’t worry, many people help. The clothes and make-up and one which it styles hair are in a trouble at least like the today. The large-scale stress decreases only that it is not done. Moreover, till the media public relation and driving (smile). Instagram arose in YouTube channel taking care of me. The music K Suchan Kim seemed to have a close the belief and trust. It is the Geurae Seo. ‘the troubleshooter of the love’ which nests in the music K and which it announces is felt like the tailed-made clothes for him. It put altogether to be cheerful of the young sensibility and teuroteu which Suchan Kim can express well. It is not to like as soon as the tune called the troubleshooter ‘ of “‘ love was first received. ‘the editing, no. 3 is just Deureobwa’ is done whether the president became aware of the mind of that I. But no. 3 was really held up as the president end, ‘it is likely to go well’ for, the feel arises. The conviction that it can digest deliciously got. Suchan Kim debutted as the teuroteu singer into 19 years old young ages. The Idol group or the foot ladder of is thought if the teenager boy adds usually according to the future desire. However, suchan Kim is firmly the road of me the Chat silver case from the childhood. Bulleo has offered the celebrating song to ” high school days and school teacher. It was the teuroteu tune and at that time, the feel comes. ‘my way is the teuroteu’ To watch the audition after, it begin to+can to go and when buying 19, it make luckily debut. At that time, it is Taeil Cha teacher who the person using the debut song composes the hit song ‘nest’ of Nam Jin teacher. There was the relation. It participated in the program called ‘the I, truly, the star’ in one grade of high school. At that time, I was seen and positively the composer was introduced. At that time, point out Suchan Kim finishing the relation with Nam Jin as the teuroteu senior respecting Nam Jin still most. It is due to be the contributing it makes an inquiry its own talent early and leaves on the road of the singer benefactor. ‘ you, as to ” Nam Jin teacher, as to the memory which it praised really well to be cold gets through the dance. The self confidence happened often thanks to this. I am one that the talent which can be shown till the dance is in the trot song.
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