The world is overturned from ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ and initial.


It did to be and the viewer startled all of a sudden at the rap ability of the high school student wrappers at surprisingly, each personality and fascination. Here, it became a subject of discussion till the loveline and stopped without a break at the center of the topic. The high school rap competition ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ made uproar the world from the initial, the cable channel Mnet variety program ‘the high grade wrapper 3′ was broadcasted with 22 with the day at 11 p.m. In this day broadcasting, mentor, first meetings of the participants, Cypher by class, team selection and team representative tryout, and etc. were drawn. As to the high grade wrapper 3’, this is the third season with the first in South Korea high school rap competition. It came up to many as well as the rap ability of the participants at every season every one the center of the topics. The participant at majority concentrated the attention from the first broadcastings including the attracts attention before this season from the backing up image participant at the influential person, gathers the fandom participant at the popularity, Jae challenger, who and etc. As to ‘the high grade wrapper 3’, in spite of being on the air, but the surprising topic of conversation was shown in 1 time. The Cypher stage was decorated with the high grade wrapper 3 ‘with the housekeeping in which the participants contain each personality and ability and which and, the teenager Dap and which bounces with a pat’ Seuwegeu ‘ and the eyes was captivated. This Ganoderma lucidum (the preliminary first grade of high school ~ first grade of high school), Kim Mingyu (second grade of high school), pull up Ho (the third grade of high school group A), and Minsu Kang (the group B for the third grade of high school) back 1 Wi was covered through the Cypher by class. These got to hold the team authority to select. All Badat in which the performer leaving ship Ho pull up Ho Jeongjiung, and etc. climbs the real time searching Eo higher rank and which is hot interest as well as ‘the high grade wrapper 3’ program name after the first broadcastingsJeongjiung meets the viewer by the son of the actor pure silver vote in ‘crucian bread’ ‘the Munjejeok man’ ‘the nest escape’ back majority variety program. By oneself was revealed “it was the model student before wrapping” and the rap ability of the professional level was shown through the owner high of IQ that it is 167. The loveline of the pull up Ho having the challenging again person Sonhoh Ha, that is the face pleased in this day broadcasting, and rap ability admiring everyone for 5 language proficiencies remarkable evoked the micro of the viewer. But while the post, which is presumed as 1 ‘the rub star gram’ of 2 people after broadcasting that is, the passionate love context was found out, as to ‘it is seem to meet actually’, the guess rose between the netizen. The name of 2 people heated on-line to the broadcasting next day hotly. The high grade wrapper 3′ 1 time exceeded the past season record 1.5 % (the Nielsen Korea · charge platform furniture standard) audience rating lightly. Meantime, the Ri to be pushed the quiet-code Kkunseutteu, dishcloth-steps nose and ears, groovy room regulation-Hwi civilians, and Ri Boy-keyed more plays an active part in this season as the shamelessness and Mentor as MC.
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