The Z-BOYS and Z-GIRLS and successful debut stage


The debut hazing in which the Z-BOYS (- boys) and Z-GIRLS (- girls) are successful was finished, the concert ‘Z-POP DREAM LIVE IN SEOUL’ (seoul, that is the pop dream live,) took place in the Jamshil Gymnasium according to 25 days public relations companies at last 23rd at 6 p.m. As to this day Z-BOYS, ‘No Limit’ (roh limit) and Z-GIRLS decorated the stage with ‘What You Waiting For’ (wat, Yoo weighting cannonade). After was altogether risen to the stage and the debut stage was shown by ‘Our Galaxy’ ‘ (the hour galaxy). It was based on the powerful knife group dancing and the Z-BOYS appearing in among cheering of the seat kept the stage with the strong eyes which is faithful to the housekeeping. The outfit which the white and black color is in harmony refloated the fascination of the Z-BOYS fully. All Kkeureot the attention with the fascination which if it captivated the audiences since Z-BOYS was strong, it is arrogant and Z-GIRLS is cute Z-GIRLS informed the face and name through the perfect breathing and point choreographing which the toxicity is strong from the free facial expression acting. After finishing the performance, Z-BOYS the dream is the same to rise to “Z-POP DREAM LIVE stage. It put forth strength in cooperation with audiences more and the performance could be well finished. The support which is abundant in the Z-BOYS which came and goes the whole world in the future and takes an active part was asked and the impressions was conveyed. Moreover, it was moved by the heat of the fans filling ” performance place fullness. Each area on the world would like to meet with the fans as much as the stage is really eagerly prepared. The best will be run out that It will become Asia which our activity changes into the music with one and it added. The Z-POP DREAM LIVE IN SEOUL ‘the web article talents from the Z-BOYS met with the public and Z-GIRLS the debut-game’ Z-POP SCHOOL: The pop school it is the Ato Z'(: The talent and artistic talent overflowing with A two Ji) of are made a boast. The Z-BOYS and Z-GIRLS representing the Asia 7 country was born by ‘Z-POP DREAM PROJECT’ (the magnetism pop dream project), that is Asia first project proceeded with the audition in the area under the subtitle that it is ‘beginning’ and ‘Let’ S Begin ‘ (Recheu is compared) with the Asia 7 country. Meantime, the Asia Yeareo area is come and is gone beginning with the performance in Seoul on 23rd and the Z-BOYS and Z-GIRLS is planning to show the new musical composition stage. Moreover, ‘Z-POP DREAM PROJECT’ finishing the successful launching of the Z-GIRLS 1 is Asia changing into the music with one in the future and plan to keep the kindergarten children cya the project with the goal.
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