Input the Lim Soo-Jung · organ dragon · Idahui · Jeon Hye-jin and ‘ search word: The WWW’ scramble


The Idahui Jeon Hye-jin for actor Lim Soo-Jung organ inputs ‘ search word: Get together in WWW’. Input the cable channel TvN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘ search word: WWW ‘ (the direction Jeong Ji-Hyun · Yeongil Kwon spread around the script recommendation) revealed on 26th, “the Idahui Jeon Hye-jin for Lim Soo-Jung organ set the appearance in concrete”. Input ‘ search word: WWW’ is the Portal site leading the trend and drama to be drawn the real romance of the women working grandly and men shaking their minds within this. Doeun Kwon writer piling up the peel force with the auxiliary writer of Jeong Ji-Hyun PD producing ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ the cavity and Kim Eunsuk writer was mutual understanding. Firstly, lim Soo-Jung who visits the Braun tube often and shows the acting spectrum which is wide and deep is resentful with the service strategy director of the headquarter exclusion U.S. character of the business field 1 the Portal site unicorn. The exclusion U.S is the character of which the desire to win which is confident to the part which likes won one and which it wins is strong. Even when using the way in which it wins, in order to go through the course where the own way is ethical, the self inspection was constantly taken and it lived fiercely. But any moment of feelings of accomplishment is not sweet. The meeting surges into the success which disobeys the rule and which it gets. And the man that it is the dusk Geon comes in the life which the work was better than the love. When being the jungle sound representative making the game music, then the long-term Yong which attempts the change every the performed movie and shows the various characters and is ranked as the casting 1 rank plays a role of the genius composer dusk the character. The high school was attended in Australia. Korea was good and it came back. When comparing with general 20, the fighting all sorts of hardships to the own way life was undergone. The defeat was given to be good to the game room meet the coriander standing against after long interval. It acts hurriedly to do the other contest directly. Morgan is entranced by this coriander and desire to win of Tami. The Portal site which the digesting actor this everyone is white with the strong acting like the glutinous rice cake even if it plays role of any kind of character and is staying in always, two Wi of business field is directly resentful with the Sosyeol director of the headquarter car string character. It is from the judo player. It is Jitsu Choo and fury settlement room and breakfast ‘mad drama’ to like. The strength which it cannot imagine comes out of the technology of the anger is not sometimes controlled time physical trainer that and appearance. It had an affair the fate which the man is at the owner every the meeting man and was separated. Finally, the hymn Jjeum character which the actor Jeon Hye-jin showing the strong sense of presence acts is the Portal site director of company which Tami is working. It decision of one beautiful spot becomes the son Jinu O (the paper strap string) of the business KU group of the counting on one’s fingers and marriage of convenience the meaning of KU group. It is not concerned in the life and buys with the husband with the partnership. The drama “story which is familiar but which it does the real happening in competition intense of the Portal site industry which doesn’t deal in any kind of drama the romance with the story of the women accomplishing the desired it acts with confidence work and charming men and real” points out as the fun point of the drama. The actor and production crew finished the script practice recently. It is the plan which starts into the first shootings soon and in which it pours heart and soul into the quality of the work.
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