“it is in harmony. It is strange. “…’What is it this combination including the glazing ‘ Saebyeok Song · Koh Junhui, and etc?


Till Sangmin Park Lee Won-jong from Saebyeok Song Koh Junhui ‘chemistry’ of which ‘glazing’ leading roles are unique was emitted and breathing in which the drama inside was joyful and which is sticky was notified in advance, the cable channel the day is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Eonju street imperial palace Seoul with 26 at 2 p.m. OCN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘glazing’ (the script Bakhui steel · direction most Do Korean translation of Chinese character) production presentation which opened. In this day production presentation, the actor Saebyeok Song Koh Junhui Yeon Jeong-hun Hanson Cho Sangmin Park Lee Won-jong attended including the most Do Korean translation of Chinese character PD. The actors combination is really fresh. The actors taking a seat at the stage looked respectively at the other place and the atmosphere which seems to be awkward of was smelled. But as it became intense if the talk of the actors became intense, the deep closeness of these was completely revealed and the warm micro of the whole assembly was evoked. ” our aren’t actors not well same like the Eoureo quality one? But be in harmony. It is strange, “***” style, as to the other actors makes the chord among in one drama very. Because it seems that the quite organic association accomplished, it was interesting and said and the curiosity for these breathings was evoked. The speech could be here and there felt to be sticky of thises. As to the broadcaster Seulki Park setting out as this day president, the debut is already the car with the oratorical talent which is interesting even when being delicate towards Sangmin Park in 29. It was equal to the age of 29 and a joke was asked. After that, the presence actors looking at the mountain which each one is far laughed at the brought up with ‘it is the Kkeol one’. It was shy of Sangmin Park and became in 30 since it made debut to correct. The performance shared with the special effect was much imagined and it tries directly, it has to calculate thoroughly and study and is interesting. Even when reading the script in the home alone and practicing, it was interesting and participated this in drama and the felt fun was confessed. The microphone was up picked suddenly and Saebyeok Song form the quiet micro on was expatiated “if it calls the brother (sangmin Park) and aren’t you particularly good, it asks, the script says be watching?”. The curiosity which is the biggest in ‘chemistry’ of Saebyeok Song who is man and woman hero and Koh Junhui leans. 2 learned movie ‘the mankind extinction report’ the times of taking photo just a minute were once seen. This drama is the first time to meet properly. When it opened mouth so that Saebyeok Song could have the talk toward Koh Junhui, then the both hand was gathered and Koh Junhui listened. Saebyeok Song wanted whether the character of Koh Junhui playing a role of ” lyricism character was not so beautiful. But do you shoot (of the lyricism and Koh Junhui), the gesture, work attitude, talking manner, and etc. are much alike in reality? The idea that I can do well got and many various sides of Koh Junhui were praised. After that, koh Junhui covered the face with two hands as if it were shy. After that, it was “when the breathing of is thought that it is good” and Koh Junhui was the senior actor that would like to suffer the smoke damage together. The Ji in which ‘chemistry’ seems to be good and which how “towards the around actors it tells” regards as the personAsked. Yeon Jeong-hun drew the cable in this question “ani” determinedly, the smile of the whole assembly was evoked. In addition, all Kkeureot the human episode of the actors the attention As to Saebyeok Song, Jugujangcheon did “it did that Hanson Cho talked ‘ talk to the shooting of TV show time before starting to me, 2 nights played in our house for 3 days and it went” ” character talk. This talk was of service to the acting and it wanted to tell. It was the really humble friend and told. After that, as to Hanson Cho, ” I received the help against much. If it was the inconvenient between, they acted, it could be uncomfortable and because it became intimately acquainted and all Bottom saw many stories by the actors, they acted, it was comfortable and the shooting atmosphere was good and the breathing of was made a boast. The street, characteristic, style of performance, and etc. grown into the actor the most Do Korean translation of Chinese character PD “in this drama, if it was not altogether obvious, it is the best from the art property until the casting to put an emphasis” ” Saebyeok Song Koh Junhui are different in this day production presentation. Even when shooting, the very fresh feel was gotten. It revealed as unique ‘chemistry’ “. After that, the expectancy was raised to be “one which it can see so that the acting of Yeon Jeong-hun Hanson Cho Sangmin Park 3 actor can be interesting”. But the name of the Lee Won-jong dropped out. The Lee Won-jong ” I? IIt said the most PD at was looked. As to the most PD, ‘ hand ” Lee Won-jong senior has taken an active part in the guest ‘ as the shaman meat maniac character more. The shaman character had many consultations how to had to prepare and it told. The expectancy is amplified if it contains naturally from PD till the actors to be intimate of everyone and these show any kind of harmony through this drama. The glazing ‘ puts together the various genre including the fantasy romance comedy human drama, and etc. with the badness detective Philsung Kang of which the zero is clear (saebyeok Song) and the drama to draw the detail that it follows the wicked soul in which your esteemed younger sister Suhchung Hong (the Koh Junhui) having the strong spiritual strength does the glazing in the body of the man and which commits the crime in the genre called mystery thriller. The drama is having coming at 11 p.m. on March 6th first broadcasting ahead.
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