Kim Sanghyeok bride to-be? Dayae Song from good looker…”It is good looking men and women couple.


The interest against is hit and there is the bride to-be Dayae Song of the group Click-B from Kim Sanghyeok. Dayae Song is the person who is famous at SNS as the good looker, and etc. at one time. The sports tendency reported on 26th, in the morning, “all Maeneun Dayae Song who Kim Sanghyeok attracts the popularity for the good looker in 2010’s and marriage vow”. Dayae Song is the good looker native with 1,989 formers. Presently, it is the businessman on-line selling the clothes and mask pack, diet food, and etc. Kim Sanghyeok published the autograph letter, saying that it was on its own Instagram “everyone I gets married” on 22nd. The He “the man who It becomes that motive power which leads always lacking I to the straight way and which it makes maturely gets to be met and it is trying to share life” told. In the meantime, it will try in order to will present figure which it is better after ” marriage. The many encouragement and cheers was asked so that the bride to-be of me and I can, can be rich and it asked. All Ollin Kim Sanghyeok and Dayae Song comes on April 7th private wedding ceremony which JTBC tonicity Gyu announcer who is Kim Sanghyeok and elementary school alumni ins charge of the society. Click-B members going to the axis cause.
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