Lee Jong-suk, on March 8th, the alternative service beginning.”One ” to be finished the duty of the national defense faithfully


Start on March 8th alternative service which the actor Lee Jong-suk comes. The agency A.man project of Lee Jong-suk revealed on 26th, “start on March 8th alternative service which Lee Jong-suk comes” “the obligation of the national defense will be visited with everyone healthily and faithfully”. One everyone the millitary service with the social service personnel who Lee Jong-suk is not soldier in active service The secondary school time traffic accident was faced and the crucial ligament had been ruptured. The social service personnel verdict against was hit long before. Presently, the TvN Saturday drama ‘the romance the bonus book’ (the script sine feeling and direction mileage filial duty) is concluded on the coming 27th. Also the shooting is finished by March vinegar according to the people concerned with the other actors. The final episode script comes out early. Lee Jong-suk debutting as the drama ‘prosecutor Princess’ informed the face through ‘Secret garden’ ‘the school 2013’ in 2010. The big win parade was kept every the drama in which after ‘your voice is heard’ ‘pinocchio’ ‘W’ ‘while you fall asleep’ etc. appears. The movie was donated to ‘very important person’ ‘the youth which the blood boils’ ‘tubula’ ‘korea’ etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746495.htm, 2019/02/26 10:08:11]