Spread to Kim Jung-Hoon and pregnant whole girlfriend. The agency “among the confirmation”


The news that it suffered the instituting a lawsuit by the whole girlfriend who the group U.N. Native Kim Jung-Hoon (39) associates came out. The agency revealed the position as “among the current confirmation”. At all, the confirm, not, all Dwaet on 26th, “this news of was heard with the news” ” current what kind of situation recognition and any kind of one the agency creative maniac is the fact The situation was told as the confirmation middle “. The news 1 reported this day “the agreed amount requested lawsuit was lodged on 21st Seoul Central Court which the Mr.A (30) who is Kim Jung-Hoon and relation of lovers is over” afternoon. At the same time, the word of “the small intestine of the content that it claims the lease deposit balance that Kim Jung-Hoon decided to build was submitted” the legal circles of was rented and given. After Mr.A being pregnant according to the sidewalk in the small intestine, Kim Jung-Hoon and conflict grew deeper putting the birth of the child. And Kim Jung-Hoon revealed the manner persuading of the interruption of pregnancy for its own image. As to after Mr.A, Kim Jung-Hoon says settle the lease deposit 10 million won and monthly rent but after paying the earnest 1 million won to the lessor, He said cut off contact. Mr.A, as to the news 1 imparted to Kim Jung-Hoon to Kim Jung-Hoon that monthly rent of the lease deposit balance 9 million won and term of lease I was claimed. Kim Jung-Hoon appeared on ended TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the love’ at last 21st.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746590.htm, 2019/02/26 18:34:38]