The foil, the friend → sweetheart.” which is2 year Jjae passionate love middle “


The actor one’s fortune port acknowledged the freelancer model Park I causality passionate love fact. The one’s fortune protest agency Celltrion entertainment admitted the passionate love fact on 26th, “the one’s fortune port and Baga phosphorus developed to the sweetheart in the friends” “among 2 year Jjae passionate love”. Previously, the Asian economy reported this day morning “the one’s fortune port and model Baga phosphorus is the meeting which for 2 years is serious” “2 people doesn’t aware of the surrounding and is enjoying the free date like the advent sweetheart”. The one’s fortune port undertook the brother Gwi the same station of the Eombok copper (the stop Korean translation of Chinese character) in which it was not to miss the championship flag for 15 years since wining the first cycling competitions in the opening movie ‘the bycycle king Eombok building’ on the coming 27th and It became Japanese boundary object. The one’s fortune port debutting as the drama ”s love’ in 2014 appeared in the movie ‘battle of Incheon’ and TvN drama ‘the sum total Sida 3 Biginjeu the Siksya’ etc. It appears on MBC variety program ‘radio star’ recently. It is active as the freelancer model and his sweetheart Baga phosphorus is acting for the beauty Ttyubeo Yoo.
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