‘the key to success of the big hit ·BTS’ imparted to the Bangsihyeok and graduate in Seoul National University


All Bahyeot the key to success as the group bulletproof Boy Scouts agency big hit entertainment representative Bangsihyeok (47) the enterpriserBangsihyeok attended the proceeding Seoul National University the 73 time graduation ceremony from Seoul National University gym p.m. 2 on 26th. Sechung Oh president of Seoul National University asked Bangsihyeok for the livestock shed directly and this seat was accomplished. All Haet the livestock shed speech to this day Bangsihyeok the graduates in Seoul National UniversityFirstly, ‘DNA’ tune of the bulletproof Boy Scouts was played and it was hit by Bangsihyeok. The president introduced Bangsihyeok as “the producer interest in which the world superiority media made the bulletproof Boy Scouts calling as the beatles ‘ of ‘ YouTube time and which ejects the numerous hit song and enterpriser developing the big hit entertainment into the unicorn entertainment”. However the Bangsihyeok appearing in the welcome didn’t tell about the talk of ‘ father ‘ in which by any chances I am tedious “it was very the honor to make the livestock shed of the one’s alma mater as the graduate. Therefore, the proposal was accepted impulsively in Badaeul”. The trouble which is abundant in the mind which worries if really it did and can inspire the meaningful talk to the graduates was done. All Yeoreot the mouthAfter that, it told “when the others saw, large-scale maybe the big hit entertainment which I have been acting the work so far and bulletproof Boy Scouts success can be considerable my success plan and painting and fruit of the ambition but that is not fact” “the appeared dream is the man without the plan”. Bangsihyeok is stood “even when going on to the aesthetics department, it was hateful that special luck installed and it entered. And even when establishing the company in order to leave JYP entertainment in the past and become independent, there was no large-scale reason” “as soon as there was no plan, I became fond still occasionally, I so far was produced to make the choice which I would like to install”. It ordered. The exceptional pass is shown as K pop idol such as the top Boy group bulletproof Boy Scouts which Bangsihyeok emits got the series top Sosyeol artist prize in the best in the United States music chart Billboard in 2 and it attends as the prizewinner from the Grammy awards ceremony some days ago, etc. All Banneun the praise besides the big hit entertainment writes the new history of the entertainment group called ‘the unicorn entertainment’Bangsihyeok was revealed against this that result which He makes so far originated from ‘fury’ and ‘complaint’. The He “there is no appearing dream. However, the complaint is the really many men” produced “the unjust environment and situations where the South Korean musicians punish were hateful and the best was everytime run out and it struggled against the reality, in order to change that it could come up to this seat” the reason. The Bangsihyeok which is being engaged in 21 year Jjae music work so far He told in had been maintain this attitude and spirit in the future and the world being changed and finding the hapiness before. Bangsihyeok was conveyed “it had been being like that so far. It will try in order to cross the viviparous limit of K pop band and the bulletproof Boy Scouts will try in the future in order to change the unjust reality which the big hit entertainment, moreover, the South Korean musician punishes”. Finally, moreover ” that is fiercely lived and it gets angry violently and the hapiness is felt to be trivial and it will go on living. It hoped to find everyone its own hapiness and live the nice life, it finished. Meantime, it played an active part as JYP entertainment representative producer since 1997 and Bangsihyeok announced the God ‘the sky blue balloon’ eight ‘there is no heart’ 2AM ‘can’t let you go’ white pages the soul ‘as the gun is right’ etc. majority hit song with Seoul National University aesthetics and 91 student numbers. It became independent after JYP Enteoinmeonteu and the big hit entertainment was established and the debut trained the Boy group bulletproof Boy Scouts in 2013. The big hit entertainment position second opinion Boy the group tomorrow bi the together (TXT) after come on March 4th bulletproof Boy Scouts is planning to make debut with the formality.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746554.htm, 2019/02/26 17:37:35]