The part 2 medal holder carrying everything before one to be boiled down with ‘♬ it is Sasa deluding the archipelago’… Tteuwaiseu and 1


‘Best 3 Album’ (the best 3 album) with the regularity 1 album ‘BDZ’ which the girl group Tteuwaiseu (TWICE naked kite, sysmaticness, and Momo live. But the utmost filial piety, U.S. or everyone string, stick the soul, and Jjeu of are taken care) accounted for 2 medal holders in the 33 time Japan ‘the gold disk object’, the Tteu Y is worm-eaten according to the award history revealed to 26 days Japan ‘the gold disk object’ homepage and single 2It put name in ‘Song of the year by download’ (the eulogy Obeu, more, after that, the bi download) with the house ‘the candy pop’ (Candy Pop) and 2 medal holders were achieved. ‘New Artist of the year’ (the new artist Obeu, more, after that) of Asian section, ‘Best 3 New Artist’ (the best 3 new artist), ‘Album of the year’ (the album Obeu, more, after that) with the album ‘#TWICE’ and ‘Best 3 Album’ (the best 3 album), and ‘Song of the year by download’ (eulogy Obeu with the Japanese version of ‘TT’, more, after that, the bi down Ro ㄴ is not done the Tteu Y is worm-eatenThe Deu) etc. gold disk object occupies 5 medal holders with the artist who is Asia for the first time in history. Also 2 medal holders are swept this year and the hot popularity is maintained in Japan and the unlike other people potential energy is shown. “the large-scale prize is awarded after the last year and it thanks you so” BDZ were the first album with the acceptance speech which the Tteu Y is worm-eaten in Japan. The thanking mind for the fan everyone was put and produced and because it could remain as the work which many people grant, it thought really gladly, he told. As to and, “‘Candy Pop’, the sound source and music video was altogether loved to many people. Because of being the work which played the various challenges and in which many people strive, it thanked all it suffers together as well as the love Once (the Tteuwaiseu fan club) everyone and they told. Meantime, japan golden disc object which Tteuwaiseu occupies 2 medal holders is the music award begining with Japan record society host since 1986. Evaluate based upon the disc sales volume of for 1 year and sound source download several etc. On the sixth of next month Japan which the Tteu Y is worm-eaten can put the new album ‘#TWICE2’ on sale. It is the second opinion series of ‘#TWICE’, that is Japan debut album of the Tteuwaiseu. Additionally, 29 days of same month and 30 days Tokyo Dome proceeds with the dome tour of the total 210,000 people size in Nagoya dome Light field 3 city and the fifth show with the worm-eaten new album release beginning with March 20 days and 21 days osaka Kyocera dome on April 6th.
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