“the poker which the hwatu is not” Park Chungmin X Seongbeom Ryu ‘ dishonest gambler: The circle eyed Jack ‘ photography completion


The actor Park Chungmin and movie ‘ dishonest gambler of Seongbeom Ryu starring: The circle eyed Jack ‘ (the supervision Kwonoh light) finished the shooting between 6 month. The distributor Lotte entertainment 26 days “‘ dishonest gambler: On February 2nd shooting which the circle eyed Jack ‘ is over was finished and the circle revealed. It shot in all over the country including the Yongsan, Chunchon, race, Gunsan, progress, Seosan, strong earthquake, and etc. according to the distributor for a long time. ‘ dishonest gambler: It is the third story of the circle eyed Jack ‘***’ dishonest gambler ‘. Come around the poker instead of the hwatu in the new rule and story which is different from the previous works as the meterial. All Damat the story which the movie puts everything on the line in the bout in which the dishonest gamblers which get together it gets the card ‘the circle eyed Jack’ of someone or invincibility which it can win there is the number to It become what lock the life The third face of ‘dishonest gambler’ the actor Park Chungmin Here, the actors including Seongbeom Ryu coming back to the screen and Yoohwa Choi, starboard, Jemoon Yoon, Lee Gwang-soo, one’s post kite, Haehyo Kwon, having the strong acting ability and etc. have together. Park Chungmin told “since it can be said to be the last although the feeling is the field or Man the feeling is strange” the sense of frustration. The Seongbeom Ryu “it expects that It becomes the work which is good for the audience who is unable to see ‘ dishonest gambler ‘ 1 volume and 2 volumes and It wishes to become the also pleasant work with me” told. ‘ dishonest gambler: The circle eyed Jack ‘ is the prearrangement of release this year.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746502.htm, 2019/02/26 11:40:13]