‘the Reimer ♥’ Hyunmao Ahn and article talents → academy → North America summit conference ‘being actively engaged’


After the interpreter Hyunmao Ahn gets married with the head Reimer of the Beuraennyu music, it has the shape that it enjoys the real golden age and is. The activity is engaged from the variety program in many fields including the academy relay, North America summit conference simultaneous interpretation, and etc. Hyunmao Ahn joined in SBS variety program ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2- you my destiny’ (under ‘ the couple lived together but thought differently 2’) after marrying Reimer. Because of being the meeting of the interpreter and wrapper, the Portal site real time searching Eo these interests which is abundant in the daily life of 2 people was simultaneously occupied with the Moat high and appearance on the stage. The fascination of Hyunmao Ahn was well dirty in ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’. The inversion charisma was presented in the features which feels sad with the aspects of ‘the husband small porcelain dish’ to be trivial. While Hyunmao Ahn and Reimer showed the looks than the aspects of newly-married couple which is likely to be sweet and as it is, the sympathy was caused. The 91 time Academy Awards relay opening at last 25th of He took The simultaneous interpretation and field atmosphere was conveyed with the broadcaster Oh Sangchin and film critic movement battle formation. Especially Hyunmao Ahn enjoyed the stage of the opening queen together. The interesting world · reception impression of the actor, s and etc. was introduced enjoyably and the atmosphere was fully attracted and it uploaded. Like this, the news that it plays an active part as the second North America summit conference SBS simultaneous interpretation in which He who is being active in the field opens on the coming 27th was known. SBS revealed to be “one in which the simultaneous interpreter Hyunmao Ahn appears on the studio and which is the foreign news quick, and which it delivers accurately”. CNN sidewalk of is previously made simultaneous interpretation in the first North America summit conference at the time and SBS and Hyunmao Ahn delivers the information to the viewer. The netizen is building the voice it is enviable to his activity. “the thing and love 2 numbers rabbit was all caught up to” are the reaction. Hyunmao Ahn was active in SBS and SBS CNBC as the reporter and anchor since 2012 by the year 2016. It is active as the freelancer broadcaster and interpreter after retiring on January, 2017. It got married year on September it is the same as Reimer.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1746491.htm, 2019/02/26 10:01:16]