The Sangmu Yoo · Yeongee Kim and ‘the taste of the wife’ are popular.


The comedian Sangmu Yoo and composer Kim Yeon Ji couple joins in TV shipbuilding ‘the taste of the wife’ with the new performer. It is ‘the taste of the wife’ which it is televising in the popular. The star of ‘TRUE love story’ overcoming the colorectal cancer in ‘the taste of the wife’ which is broadcasted with 26 with the day afternoon the attention of the audience leans the appearance on the stage of these couples can do the traction car role in the rating rise together and Geon all NEN the first bows to ‘the’ Sangmu Yoo the composer Yeongee Kim and audience It is the return of the year 4. All Eodeot the popularity it is active with Dongmin Jang and Yoo Sae-yoon as ‘small spring’ Sangmu Yoo played an active part in the KBS2 ‘gag Concert’ it debutted as KBS 19 0 house comedian in 2004 While doing the appearing in TV which after is various, the large-scale shock is given to the publics with the colorectal cancer 3 determination last March 2017. The cavity wrote lyrics and composes the digital single ‘the melting love’ of the Sangmu Yoo, ‘how many’, and ‘it was to blame’ etc. and Yeongee Kim finished the relation as the composer with Sangmu Yoo. Sangmu Yoo and Yeongee Kim opens the first appearances on the stage and 5 month car newly-married life to 36 broadcasted on 26th times of ‘the taste of the wife’. Sangmu Yoo finished the year 4 month same operation after the colorectal cancer verdict in 2017. The anticancer therapy was gotten until August 2018th and it had been concentrating on the recovering. Presently, it is the situation where it gets and is waiting and is seeing the progress. These couples disentangled the wedding march ‘the marriage behind’ to the hoist after the state of mind and which it felt when getting the diagnostic for cancer two months of anticancer therapy termination on October, 2018 and quiet presented the choked with grief emotion and smile to the studio. It changed into ‘the love Kkun’ and Sangmu Yoo centered the attention than what. In this day broadcasting, the aspects of Yeongee Kim preparing the special express menu for the husband Sangmu Yoo attracted. The water supply and passionate looks uploaded thoroughly on the table even a day the cooking ingredient which is hard to find easily in the open market are humbly obeying shown for the food habit improvement which is as important as the exercise after Yeongee Kim Hangamchiryoha. The wedding ceremony behind and health which the Sangmu Yoo thinks carefully and the Sangmu Yoo-Kim Yeon Ji couple which it overcomes the adversity which is not really easy and succeeds in the marriage is living a life of the moment and even when even when being ordinary the heroine of the topic heard of the news in SNS so far, Sangmu Yoo, and Kim Yeon Ji couple appears in the studio directly and the heart is warmOne table was planning to be shown, many anticipations were wished, it told. Meantime, TV CHOSUN variety program ‘the taste of the wife without the world’ is broadcasted on 26th at Tuesday night at 10 o’clock.
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