The stern · Chinyeong Hong · Park spring…’The credits notifying spring comeback ‘ in advance


March and 3 solo woman singer returns to the world of singers coming. The lineup is splendid. The stern giving birth to 3 consecutive hit song as ‘hero’ ‘siren’ ‘girl’ Chinyeong Hong has been announce the teuroteu tunes which ‘the battery of the love’ ‘the thumb, gladly’ ‘it is the Jal Ga’ back gets light-hearted Till Park spring setting up the first solo activity starting after 2NE1 dismantling It gathered in 3 it stimulates the expectation of the fans putting the comeback on the right under one’s nose, stars. ◆ the teaser prerelease singer stern opened the spoiler video (Spoiler Video) to the stern and fans in advance and new musical composition announcement was notified in advance. The stern opened the spoiler video, that is the first teaser of the new musical composition, in the first world tour ‘2,019 stern THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [WARNING]’ Seoul concert at last 24th. After that, the formal the agency make earth entertainment opened the spoiler video to 0 carring out system SNS on 25th and the new musical composition presentation of come on March 4th stern was formulated. The stern of the expressionless expression is closed-up and the spoiler video begins the car burn with the background. After that, after the scene of which the candy which the stern was getting onto the tincase in which the heart shape candy of the stern put the candy of the heart shape to the lips and color is full colorful falls comes out, the message called ‘03.04 PM 6:00’ appears with the logo of the stern. ◆ the first regular albums are held up on March and Chinyeong Hong and ‘in the tonight’ teuroteu singer Chinyeong Hong comes back. Chinyeong Hong is planning to come back as the first regular album ‘the Lots Of Love (the Racheu Obeu rub)’ in 10 years since announcing ‘the battery of the love’. The title song is the retro Ppung teuroteu tune of which the new harmonization of the disco punky genre and teuroteu stands out with ‘in the tonight (Love Tonight)’ in 80’s. The first regular album ‘the Lots Of Love (the Racheu Obeu rub)’ called the song about the love so far. It included the meaning that the first regular album ‘the Lots Of Love (the Racheu Obeu rub)’ put fullness and sends this love as much as it got the love which is many in the fans. The self-composed music and teuroteu besides genre which runs the various musical tries with the title song and is made is included. ◆ Park spring and ‘spring’ girl group 2NE1 singer of origin Park spring cooperate with the brave brother and March comes back. Park spring contracted with the newborn agency part a division last year holds up the new musical composition ‘spring’ which the brave brother works and returns to the world of singers. Sandara Park from 2NE1 was featuring and ‘spring’ became a hot issue from the announcement. Park spring introduced the sending personnel image before the comeback to Instagram to the fans at last 22nd. Park spring “V live wanted to be set up and the way was done not know how to do the meanwhile how” “it will communicate much with the fans in the future, many loves are asked” the greeting were conveyed from the image.
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