The stern and ‘girl’ → ‘hero’ → ‘siren’ → next ‘Nuareu’


The singer stern got attention if 4 series hit song medley was connected after ‘girl’ star ‘siren’, the stern agency make earth entertainment of 26 days 0 o’clocks revealed the title teaser (Title Teaser) informing the new musical composition title ‘the Nuareu (Noir)’ of the stern having the comeback ahead on March 4th and credit information. In the revealed title teaser, the heart symbol achieving the red lights inside and scene in which the flame rolls onto the hand was contained. After that, ‘Nuareu’, that is the tune title, and stern wrote and the credit information composed the composer EL CAPITXN and cavity was together revealed. The first single ‘girl’ was put on sale after the agency transfer of registration last August 2017 and it was the stern a box-office success. And the ear went to the single ‘hero’ for the popularity at January last year. ‘the siren’, announced at September last year moreover, the grade which can be paid attention was gained and the geographical condition which is certain as the solo singer was tramped. Meantime, as to stern, the pushing on made the ticket on the North America 4 city including it opens the first after Seoul concert which it holds on 24th prosperity Ri which it goes through the first world tour ‘2,019 stern THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [WARNING]’, the first area New York, LA, Toronto, Calgary, which and etc. according to the agency.
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